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The elements of perfect full-fledged game story writing

The world of the games industry integrates many creative arts, and perhaps one of the pillars of these arts is embodied in the story of the game and the way it is narrated and its impact on the quality of the game in the first place. Often times we were attached to the game because of the quality of its story more than the style or content of the game itself.
The process of writing the story of the game is not an easy process in fact, but the story of the game must have some important elements that ultimately lead to a great success of the story or make us cling to one story from the other, and so on.

Well, dear reader, in this article, we will learn about the most important elements that lead to the success of the game’s story and make it unique from the rest of the games.

game story writing

The stages of writing any story.

Any novel or storytelling consists of three stages: the introduction, the middle and the end, and no story can be imagined without one of these stages, and if we talk about the stages of the story, we must also talk about the importance or purpose of each stage.

In the introduction stage, we get to know a lot of things, we get to know the time of the game, is it in an old world, the present or the future, and we also recognize the type of the game world, is it a fiction or a reality, a dystopia world or a joyful world full of colors.

In the introduction, we recognize the central characters in the story, whether the character of the hero, the character of the villain, or some important secondary characters, so if you are reading a novel or following a movie and the hero has not appeared yet, I know that you are still in the introduction or beginning part.

As for the middle of the story, it is the stage in which the hero comes into contact with the enemy or the other party in an attempt to achieve the goal he seeks, and this stage is characterized by that it defines the conflict greatly and begins to understand the features of the story through a set of events that escalate, but at a largely acceptable pace.

Until we come to the end, which is the stage in which events escalate dramatically and the complexity increases to the point where the observer begins to wonder about how to solve the crisis until we reach the scene of the end and the crisis breaks out with the victory of the hero or the crisis continues to escalate with the victory of evil or the other side in general, and sometimes it may be The end is very ambiguous, and it is what we call the open end, which the reader or viewer interprets according to his point of view.

These stages must be adhered to so that we have a real storytelling strength and without them you will not find a story in the first place, we have here an example of the Mortal Shell game that presented a very bad experience in terms of story and the reason for this is that the game did not adhere to these rules in any way, you start the game without The beginning part introduces you to the character or the world in which you are literally. You do not understand the world. Are you in the realm of the dead or the world of the living fictitiously, or what.


Interest in secondary characters.

One of the most prominent problems that game stories are exposed to, as the main character and the villain character are also taken care of and neglecting all other characters in the game world, and this leads to a big gap between the player and the story.

The hero of the game does not live alone in the game world, as well as the evil person does not live alone in the world. Each of them has his own helpers or the close circle surrounding him and here shows the game developer’s interest in what he makes.

Where the developer must write a lot of details related to these secondary characters, he should not only mention the characters and their roles, but he must mention the characters and their motives, past and background as well.

We can remember many, many minor characters that we got stuck with and influenced by because the developer took enough time to write the story for these secondary characters.


Interest in the character of the villain.

game story writing-

We talked in a previous article about the evil character in detail and showed the importance of this character, which is considered the main hero of the game. As we mentioned, these characters are the main engine of events, as they are the ones who start the story in the first place, and without them there is no hero and there is no need for a hero.

Therefore, the developer must work on the evil character just as he works on the character of the hero completely, the evil character must have a point of view and thought that you are trying to achieve.

Many games have ruined their story or become normal because the character of the villain was very ordinary or an evil character just for evil, as it is always a character trying to destroy the world, take over the world or get rid of humanity.

But sometimes the evil character was presented in a new philosophical form and from a respectful angle that shows the motives of these evil characters, and even if they want to control the world, this tendency is for a reason.

We have a clear example in the Thanos character from the Avengers Infinity War movie. Here we are dealing with an evil character who wants to eliminate half of the beings in the entire galaxy, a trend that any classic villain would do as mentioned in the previous lines.

The characteristic of the character was its details, as he is not just a classic villain who wants to take over the world or get rid of the population or of a certain gender only, but rather he is a person who does these things from an established belief in which he believes and fights for it.

This belief is not necessarily correct or righteous, but what is important is that he possesses a belief that was formed due to a life experience that he went through, and this belief led to the presence of some very influential scenes in the movie, although it is a commercial film to some extent, such as the scene of sacrificing his daughter, for example.


Language and writing style.

game story writing-1

The idea needs good language in order to be presented in lines, so no matter the quality or novelty of the idea of ​​the story in the game, this story will need an expert writer to write this story.

Not everyone is able to write good jokes, and neither is everyone is able to write a dramatic scene that affects every player, so every developer must seek the help of an expert writer in order to transform the idea or story of the game into a wonderful scenario that attracts the viewer. The game story is not just a novel, it needs To a screenwriter to write the same ideas.


Representative performance and direction.

Now we assume that we have taken all these previous steps perfectly, and of course we assume that we already have a good creative imagination. Or an opposite point of view that has logic and idea.

We will also assume that we have a capable screenwriter who transformed this wonderful novel and good characters into a story that attracts the viewer, unfortunately all of this is at risk of being lost if the actor is bad.

A lot of times we see character success resoundingly because of the acting performances of characters like Vass from Far Cry or Senua from Hellblade, the truly brilliant character with the best acting performance.

The vocal performer of the character of Senua was so capable that she made her live the suffering of the character, the outputs of her letters are excellent and the diversity of her vocal performance when performing the voices inside the mind of our heroine was legendary in every sense of the word.

We must not forget the role of the director for the game, as he is like a magician or a great chef who puts the secret of the mixture after all the work is done, he chooses the camera angles, the speed of the scene and the dose of drama inside it. That made me really feel the dangers the hero faced.

These were the most important elements that we need to present a story game in the first place, do not forget to share with us, dear reader, the most important factor affecting the story game experience in your point of view. You can also tell us the best story game and the best character in the history of games from your point of view.

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