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What’s new in the comic game Surgeon Simulator 2?

With the approaching release of the second part of the Surgeon Simulator game, a new trailer has been published that shows some elements of the game and reminds us of the date of the game’s release which is August 27th.
When I watched the new trailer for the game Surgeon Simulator 2, I was very amused, especially since the clip contained a great humor, which prompted me to write this article to talk about all the new elements that we know in the new part of the unique game.

Surgeon Simulator 2

The idea of ​​the game.

In fact, Surgeon Simulator is a very unique game, in terms of its category or in terms of its kind, as it is in the category of comic games, which is a very rare category of games.

Often times we find games that offer a comic story or a somewhat comic game mode, but this comedy is not the basic classification of the game, and here the opposite happens. The game is classified primarily as a comedic flick that tries to bring joy to those who play it.

As for the idea of ​​the game, it is also funny, as you perform a surgery on your loyal patient “Bob”. It gets even more fun when we know that the surgeries in the game do not simulate reality, as they are operations outside the logic and reasonable in any way.

The second part of the game comes with the same main idea and the character Bob again, and we perform many different surgeries for her, but with some new elements that have been added to the game, which we mention in detail.

Team play style.

The first part of the game on the PC was a single-player game only, and when the game was released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, another hand was added to your doctor and the possibility of cooperation with a friend was added so that each of you controls one hand.

The developer Bossa Studio noticed the great interaction by the players when this other hand was added, which encouraged the developer to pay more attention to the idea of ​​team play, which is what will happen in the new part of the game, where the cooperative play phase is added between 4 players at the same time.

You and your friends can cooperate in the different surgeries and do all the tasks within the game together, but this does not prevent the game can be completed completely separately.

Having 4 players around the patient will cause a kind of congestion and tension because the number is too large to work around the same table, so a group of other tasks have been added within the same operating room, such as someone going to get the organs that will be implanted from the refrigerator.

Surgeon Simulator2

Communicate with team members.

If we talk about the group play phase, we must talk about the method of communication between the team members because the game needs a lot of coordination between the team, as the tasks are distributed among the team members.

Therefore, the game will contain a voice chat system between team members to ensure coordination smoothly between members of the team, in addition to voice conversations, a completely new gesture system will be added that uses some controls to give orders or quick instructions to the rest of the team, which provides a new experience as if you are already a doctor and are in the process Real surgical.

Perspective vision.

Surgeon Simulator 2 comes to us from the first-person perspective when moving or when performing the same operations, this perspective is the same as the first part, but what is new in the matter is that the developer will stick to this perspective throughout the game, even in the new play styles that have been added to the game and according to the developer This holding helps the player feel the same gaming experience and not be distracted and out of it.

Create your own quests.

Surgeon Simulator-2

The first part of the game contained many, many wonderful secrets that lead to more varied and strange stages, such as the mission to transport organs while you are in outer space.

The idea of ​​the game in general revolves around extracting the most unusual situations and turning them into comic situations in some way, and this trend the second part tries to preserve by adding many adjustable and changeable physical elements and these elements will enable each player to create his own tasks and puzzles and of course you can share these missions And puzzles with your friends and play them through the multiplayer mode.

You can even design any funny challenge in your imagination and share it with your friend, no matter how funny or strange this challenge, even if the use of patient Bob’s head is in a soccer game, a hand, or even a basket.

In-game game.

A completely new feature was added within the second part of the Surgeon Simulator game, where the tools inside the operating room can be modified, and the operating room can also be completely modified by adding many new devices and changing the positions of tools and devices.

These modifications will be through missions completely separate from the surgical missions, and these tasks come from the first person perspective as well, as we mentioned before the game maintains an orientation in terms of perspective or in terms of humor.

The great thing about these modifications is that you can perform them in cooperation with your friends like the rest of the game’s missions, as we mentioned all the game and all its stages will support the multiplayer feature, but in the same matter you can do these tasks completely alone without needing anyone’s help.

Unique “Bob” personality.

If you are wondering why a small game like Surgeon Simulator is so popular, in fact, the design of the patient’s character had a very big role in this success and popularity.

The patient’s personality is designed as a very complex human being. For example, if you are undergoing a heart operation, you need to break the bones of the rib cage first, then dislodge the lung and then clear the passage between the heart and stomach until it reaches the heart.

I do not think that these steps are really medical, especially because the method that you follow to do this process is completely non-medicinal and closer to delirium.

Here lies the fun of the game and the secret of the genius of the patient’s personality. You deal with it like an old taxi that you repair. If you want to reach the heart, you must break the rib cage in any way, even if you smash it with a hammer.

The new part maintains the same approach of the game in dealing with the character in terms of composition and that it is subject to modification and change in a hysterical and atypical manner, and this trend doubles as we find that we can remove any part of Bob’s body even if this part is his entire head.


Surgeon Simulator 2 keeps the same main elements in the first part and tries to add more new play styles, such as adding cooperative play mode or adding updates to the operations room and the tools inside it.

But the question that arises is whether these additions are sufficient to provide a second part that enjoys us and attracts a large segment, or are these additions not sufficient to do such a thing.

In my humble point of view, I find that these additions are important to the point of a breakfast like multiplayer, which will force a large segment to buy the game even if they see that it offers the same experience as playing the first part.

But in the end, a final judgment can not be made on the game until after it has already been released and tried it enough, but I am sure that the new part, in order to feel it, must try it with your friends, this is a gem originally and on this basis it has been developed.

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