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10 doomed games led to cancellation

It happens all the time in the video game industry where game developers can work on a project for months, sometimes years, and one hurdle can come and turn everything into mystery.Financial problems, technical problems and time constraints you name it, games are canceled for a number of different reasons, sometimes. Even after it’s announced to the public this makes it especially heartbreaking when a promising project doesn’t see the light.
Often times, canceled games are only discovered after they are canceled and all that hard work is converted into screenshots. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular canceled video games of all time, some of these projects have been managed by top-tier creative minds, others are still. To this day it is shrouded in mystery, they all seem like promising experiences but unfortunately it looks like we may never be able to play them, I’ll stop talking about this boring … let’s get started.

Star Wars: 1313

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm may be a rebirth of the Star Wars movies, but not for games, Star Wars: 1313 was a third-person shooter, and the trailer for this game blew fans’ minds upon its launch, as the game was based on the cinematic action of the game Uncharted, unfortunately the game It won’t launch at any time, it is worth noting that there are similar Star Wars games in development but Star Wars: 1313 appears to be long gone.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

Long before Batman: Arkham Asylum, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear could have been a superhero game that defeated all superhero games, unfortunately the game’s development period was rife with problems, including graphics engine issues, and clashes Between Sony and Marvel designs and even behavioral issues with the development team.

The game was about Daredevil, the reckless hero who jumps and swings his way through town. The game was supposed to be launched alongside the Ben Affleck movie featuring the hero Daredevil, but it will not be completed and will never come.



It seems that Grand Theft Auto, the developer of Rockstar Games, has abandoned the Agent game, which is an open-world stealth game inspired by the Spy World movies. There is little information about the project and the only images come from the Concept Arts and early screen shots, the game definitely seems to be more serious. Of other Rockstar titles, it is unclear whether or not the game will ever come

The game has been non-existent for years and its trademark has expired several times since its initial disclosure in 2007 and this has led many to believe that the game has been quietly canceled by Rockstar, oddly enough, the trademark has been renewed twice indicating that it may be stuck between games. The other is due to Rockstar’s work pressure.


The Wii was not known for dark and horror games, but this project most likely could have changed our view of the Wii, the game was a very ambitious psychological horror story, the game could have had elegant black and white graphics and a branching story with endings Different, fully interactive environment and lots of other very unique features at the time.

Unfortunately, developer Nibris continued to make promises that the game was coming without actually launching the game, the developer consistently failed to meet the game’s launch dates and was unable to understand the direction of the game, unlike the trailer, Sadness may not have entered the actual development stage and it is still one of the most famous cases of vaporware. In the last decade.

Justice League: Mortal

Justice League
Justice League: Mortal that was canceled from 2008 also has Justice League canceled, and it seems in fact that the game is very fun, the game could have been a third-person brawl featuring heroes from Justice League.

The game was apparently in development prior to its cancellation and suffered the same fate as its movie counterpart, The Justice League didn’t star in a major video game until Injustice, which was released in 2013.

Battle Of The Sith Lords

Battle Of The Sith Lords
Another great idea that came from Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, Battle of the Sith Lords was a stealth action game being developed by Red Fly Studio that focused on Darth Maul, Red Fly drew inspiration from Batman: Arkham Asylum, where it filmed Maul is an expert swordsman and a fatal predator chased from the shadows.

The game was developing aimlessly, and after the struggle to adapt to the creative demands, Lucas Arts terminated the project without warning and after that Battle of the Sith Lords was officially canceled, Red Fly is currently hoping to use its prototype to develop another Star Wars game from Electronic Arts publishing. .

Mega Man Universe

Battle Of The Sith Lords
Mega Man Universe is, in fact, only one of many Blue Bomber projects canceled in the past decade. The game was a return to Mega Man’s roots, and the game would also include a level-building feature like Super Mario Maker, so players can create their own stages and share with friends. .

Unfortunately, as the game’s fate was like Mega Man Legends 3, Rockman Online and Remick Maverick Hunter, Capcom canceled the project for unspoken reasons and around the same time the maker of the Mega Man series left the company, leading many to believe his departure may have restored the rights to the game. To Capcom.

Doom 4

Doom 4
Doom 4 was announced in 2008 and was designed and initially released as a movie trailer for the series with an emphasis on story. The game was going to happen on Earth and the early footage led to comparisons to other AAA shooting games of the time such as Call of Duty, unfortunately though. From the polished gameplay, the developer felt that the early shots of the game were too random to move forward with.

The game has been canceled and redesigned from the ground up as an extreme violent throwback and reboot, Doom was released in 2016 and was met with great reviews as the basic concepts were completely opposite to those shown in Doom 4, and this year the Doom Eternal game was launched and you can see our review of it from Here .

Heavenly Sword 2

Heavenly Sword 2
The action and adventure game Heavenly Sword from Ninja Theory was an early title for PlayStation 3, and it has achieved great success, selling more than a million copies in its first year, the success inevitably turned into a sequel to the game. Another part is planned where development on the game sequel was handed over to SCE Cambridge Studio, as of January 2013 the studio was restructured and annexed to Guerrilla Games.

Meanwhile, Ninja Theory continues to develop other projects, including Enslaved Adventure: Odyssey To The West, and Capcom’s Devil May Cry Reboot, “We will likely see Heavenly Sword 2 at any time in the future,” said a manager. IT in the studio.

“I will never say that we will never go back and make HS2, but it is something that I personally see very unlikely … It’s a shame, as Heavenly Sword features some great characters, and we don’t want to experience a risky experience that might spoil everything we did for the game in general.”


Heavenly Sword 2

About a month ago Sucker Punch just released the awesome Japanese open-world game Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, yet it looks like the studio was working on something entirely different at some point where a game called Prophecy was leaked online after watching the leaked videos, the game looks really decent The gameplay clip shows a bit of a medieval town where the protagonist encounters armed guards while searching for a tomb hidden under an ancient statue, and these treasure hunters also search for ancient tombs that hold something dangerous.

Will we play it one day? I doubt it, Sucker Punch worked on Ghost of Tsushima for years before Playstation 4 launched, I doubt the studio still has this game This game was clearly made for PS4 and was going to be released sometime during this generation.

Of course, you saw that these canceled projects were very promising and were going to live up to the ambitions of the players, and I personally hope to hear any name from those canceled games above, and dear reader tell me about the canceled game in this list that was wronged by fate …

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