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Why are games lately heading towards controversial and philosophical ideas?

So far, 2020 is very controversial for the gaming industry, for example, we saw the game The Last of Us Part II, which came to raise controversy in every sense of the word because of the idea of ​​homosexuality presented within it completely crudely.
In fact, the games in recent times are moving towards a deeper or more philosophical narrative method, and let us take the flag of 2019 for example, where we saw the Death Stranding game and the Control game, and each of them tried to present a new or somewhat philosophical idea.

More political and philosophical ideas continue with us this year with the Watch Dogs Legion game, which revolves around a popular revolution against the ruling authority in London.

Also, the game Cyberpunk 2077 also comes with many deep philosophical ideas, starting with drawing the game’s world based on the idea of ​​dystopia, as well as the game contains many other agendas and there are all the problems of The Last of Us Part 2 game, but more crudely, in my opinion, where it can be Each player has the creation of his own gay or even pornographic personality.

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The strange thing is that the regular games almost started to disappear, this year we can count the games that have a normal story experience on the finger almost, as for the year 2019, I do not remember any regular story games except Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the rest of the games all had deep or philosophical stories Even A Plague Tale Innocence cannot be considered an ordinary story.

In the past, the games’ stories were simpler and did not have any political messages, orientations or agendas, we are talking about a hero seeking treasure or trying to destroy a gang or even trying to avenge his family who were killed, like the game Max payne.

Also, there were many fantasy games such as Devil May Cry, God Of War, or the World of Warcraft in general, and despite the imagination of these games and their idea to a large extent, they kept the same degree of simplicity in proposition and orientation, as they are games that only have fairy tales or fantasy It does not present any political agendas or philosophical ideas.

Here we do not say that the games of the past were simple or easy and did not contain a good story, on the contrary, the games of the past had the undisputed best story, but we are only talking about the political and philosophical orientation that currently exists in the world of games, what are the reasons that led to this trend?

Technological advances found in games.

Technological progress played a very large role in the emergence of these somewhat strange ideas, in the past the existing technologies were very limited and it is not possible in any way to present the hot scenes that we see at the present time.

Imagine, dear reader, with me a character like Lara Croft in the past while she is doing a sexual scene. It will be very funny, especially since the character is almost triangular.

In the previous example, we find that the technology available in the past will not enable the developer to present a destination that we show in any way, even the games of the past generation that are considered relatively modern cannot provide good intimate scenes. Note the games of this period which present scenes that are slightly intimate, such as the kiss. You will find that the scene Abnormal facial expressions are completely dead.

Now we are on the cusp of a new generation, and the current generation is at its peak, and we see that facial expressions have become very natural and can deliver the idea that the developer wants.

Death Stranding had a performance and facial expressions that were the undisputed best of the past year, and these expressions enabled the director of the game, hideo Kojima, to communicate his point of view and idea to the player.

Ease of access and the need to dazzle.

We live in the era of ease of access. If you want to read any book from any country in the world, you can get it with one click. If you want to watch a new movie, you can watch dozens of movies in one day easily and at almost no cost.

Unfortunately, some people may think that ease of access is a good thing or an advantage of our era, but in fact the ease of access is the worst thing that happened on the planet in my opinion.

Because of the ease of access, the public taste has varied almost and everyone is able to easily access the rest of the products from all over the world with different cultures, technologies and financial capabilities.

Also the amount of supply and the density of the remaining quantity has greatly raised the ceiling of expectations of everyone and has become difficult to satisfy because it is already saturated with this kind of art, for example follow the Marvel films that have recently become heading to very huge productions with almost all heroes with shocking and unending ends This is expected due to the almost exhaustion of traditional ideas. Even if the new ideas are not implemented, it has become usual and not new for the viewer.

The same thing with games, we live now in the era of ease. You can get a lot of games quite easily, and the original supply has become very much and annually. Each player must have a huge number of titles that we did not try in any way in the past.

Here the developer finds himself in a critical situation as he cannot present a normal idea, but rather needs a new and unused story in order to be able to attract the largest segment of players.

Therefore, we find that the developer may resort to largely deep philosophical ideas like Control or Death Stranding, or he may resort to controversial ideas such as The Last of Us II or even Cyberpunk 2077.

Now some may think that these big games do not originally need this method in order to spread, as they are already known, but did you know the volume of articles and news that have been written about sexual choices in the game Cyberpunk?

The number is huge and very huge and it may exceed the articles that have been written about weapons or characters in the game, this controversy and the great spread in the interest of the game only, even if the controversy is in the form of criticism.

The world after social media.

Facebook Messenger

We cannot deny that the world is completely different after the discovery of social media. Before social media, the world was very isolated, even if you yourself were trying to learn about new cultures or mix with other countries, but this behavior was very limited and personal.

As for the means of communication, everyone has become one country, societies and cultures have opened up, many beliefs about other civilizations and countries have changed completely thanks to social media.

Of course, with the spread of these means, various human rights and expressionist movements spread, and we began to hear about feminist movements, homosexual movements, or even liberation and defense movements for people of dark skin.

All these movements and trends were already there before, but Kashir did not know about them or reach their directions in this easy and intense way. Also, the ease with which the ideas of these movements spread, encouraged minorities in other societies to advocate for their rights and therefore we have come to see homosexuals in our Arab societies in a large way and this The matter does not mean that our societies were free of this phenomenon and are now starting to spread, on the contrary, quite all the time, there were homosexuals, all in it was that the media encouraged them to show their ideas and belonging.

Everyone now talks about politics or social rights and freedoms, and this conversation has become a big part of everyone in the world due to social media, and of course this influence extended to the game maker himself and he began to care about these areas in his personal life very much, which is reflected in his work when Developing a game, for example, we find someone who defends the rights of homosexuality trying to put a homosexual character into his game because he feels persecuted inside the real world, and so on.

Unfortunately, as players we are wronged because of all the aforementioned elements, we want a game with an enjoyable style and a great story that is far from all the problems of the real world, if the real world was wonderful at all, we would not have created our own world inside the world of games.

I do not know why the playmaker is determined to desecrate this wonderful art and link it to the problems of the real world, to put aside the nervous and mentally exhausting problems of the world, to put aside homosexuality, terrorism, harassment, masculinity, feminism and racism, and we are interested in presenting games that are meaningful and at the same time away from these problems.

As if life lacks more sorrow and sadness for a game developer to simulate all these social problems in games, it has been agreed that games are a work of art in the first place and one of the functions of art is to embody society, but unfortunately our society today has become very dark and we do not need to embody it at the present time.

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