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When are game chains useful and when do they harm the gaming industry?

The idea of ​​game chains has become a feature that no one can deny, and the truth is this idea has existed since the emergence of the games industry in general, it is not an idea born in this era, it has been around for a long time like the famous movie series.
Similar to the movie series that have spread massively in recent times, the game series has also spread so aggressively that every player is waiting for the new part of his favorite game, as if the idea of ​​the game series has become the rule and exception to the game being released individually.

Personally, I attached to a lot of games and waited for the release of a new part with great longing, but recently this matter has bothered me very much, and in this article we will discuss about the idea of ​​game chains, when is the idea suitable and when is it a bad idea?

Difficulty composing a game.

a plague tale

Most of the games revolve in one frame, which is the presence of a hero, a villain, and a goal. The hero always tries to pursue his own goal and the villain tries to use obstacles to disrupt the hero.

This form is the basis of any game, even if it is the FIFA game itself, the hero is you and the villain here is the other player trying to prevent you from your final goal, which is to win the match by using a set of obstacles such as scoring a goal in the net or preventing you from scoring.

If the pattern is fixed most of the time, it does not change even in the philosophical play a little we have the same style, but differently, as if the villain in the game makes an inhuman element such as the game Frostpunk in which you fight frost and try to reach your goal, which is to survive your group of people and protect them from different temperatures.

Well if the pattern is static then that means anyone can create a toy story?

In fact, no, it is not that easy, the pattern may be very similar, but the difference lies in the details around this fixed pattern.

The story itself does not reside in the style, but rather in the details, the details of the evil character and the character of the hero, and the details of the goal itself that defines the conflict and war between the game characters.

So it is very difficult for you to build a world or a game story, I would have liked to take the world of Runeterra as an example, but so far not many games have been released in the game world so that we can use the world as an example.


But we have a world that is a bit like Runeterra in terms of complexity, which is the famous world of Warcraft, this world in which the developer took a lot of time and effort to prepare it, starting from the map and passing through the objects inside it.

Everything that is presented in front of you to the world has its own story, even if it is just an object on the game map only and here lies the greatness and splendor, therefore after all the great effort it is very difficult for the developer of this world to restrict this world to only one game.

The developer begins to take the game world to make other parts of the game or even completely different forms of games, as happened with the world of Warcraft, as we have strategy games and MMO games, all of which are taken from the same world.

This complexity in making the game story casts a shadow over the game series industry because when the developer notices the success of his story and the world that created it he definitely resorts to releasing other parts of the game to ensure that this success continues.

The high cost of development.

Like any entertainment industry the cost in the games industry has jumped so big and we’re hearing superstitious numbers being spent during the development process.

Of course, any company wants to benefit as much as possible and does not want to lose, and here it resorts to the idea of ​​game chains, when you visualize the AAA game for the first time, you design it from the beginning, relying on a specific engine and this process takes you a lot of time and effort, as you draw the characters, the world and the objects again.

After you, if you want to release a new part of the same game, you will find it somewhat easier and cheaper because you will have many of the game’s elements already, even if they are on paper, and this is what actually happens where you notice that the games that come in sequential sequences use the same engine and shape In several versions.

Like the game Far Cry, for example, we will find that there is more than one part similar in terms of the game environment, the shapes of the enemies, the design of plants and weapons, as well as the famous FIFA game. You will find that each group of versions is completely similar, whether in terms of graphics or even the game interface and style of play in general.

far cry

Of course, this matter did not happen in the past in any way. Every part of the one game was completely different from the other part, for example, the Prince of Persia series, you will find all its parts different, whether in terms of the story or in terms of graphics, presentation and presentation, and sometimes in terms of style Play.

It’s hard to make a second part better than the first.

It is very difficult to present a new part that beats the first or basic part and this is very logical, because the main part is the part in which we got to know the characters and the world of the game for the first time, and all the subsequent parts are very usual, so we already knew the character and we were very impressed by it. The case, as well as we will have known the game world itself and became familiar, so every strange or interesting thing in the first part has become a very familiar thing to us.

This rule is not binding in all cases, sometimes it is the second part, but it always happens in two cases, the first case is that the parts are not sequential or dependent on each other in the continuation of the story, such as the Assassin’s Creed series that offers separate connected parts at the same time and in this Status It becomes very logical for a later part to outperform the previous one because the new part can introduce new characters for the first time or a new game world for the first time as well.

assasssins creed

As for the second case, it is the case of the large time spacing between the parts, and in this case the player will inevitably be dazzled by the difference in new technological techniques that will provide a good playing style or new graphics and in some rare cases this period may be sufficient to present a new part that is better than the main part in terms of the story.

Let’s answer the question.

Well now the question has to be answered, When are series a good idea and when are they bad?

In my opinion, which may be wrong, that what is currently happening in the world of games is considered a great disdain by the developer and somewhat lazy, because game chains in this way destroy the games industry.

Games have become a lot boring and the ceiling of expectations and requirements increase year after year because the developer is determined to present the same idea and spin it very quickly.

Prince Of Persia Dead

Here we can get our hands on the main problem which is speed.
Speed ​​is the biggest destroyer of any creative work because speed leads to two very dangerous things, the first thing is that the recipient is already saturated from the work and here the manufacturer must be smarter and a little patient until the player longs for the title again. Open now a conversation about Prince of Persia with any player and you’ll hear lots of excited phrases mixed with nostalgia.

The second thing is the period of development itself. Artistic work in general needs its time to come out in the best form. It takes time for the story to be properly written and it takes time to complete the development process itself without any technical problems.

Sometimes game chains can be useful.
The idea is generally not disputed, but it must be presented correctly, which is that there is a long period of time between each part and part, this period is what you will hear the player longing for the game that he liked and allow the developer to think well and develop the new part in real terms as for what happens in time The present is considered laziness and an attempt to bring in the largest amount of money without a new introduction that benefits the industry itself and pushes it forward.

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