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GIGABYTE launches 3 power supplies

To enhance the power supply lineup, GIGABYTE announced the joining of 3 newly designed power supplies: P750GM 80 PLUS Gold with 5-year warranty, P550B 80 PLUS Bronze with 3-year warranty and P450B 80 PLUS Bronze with 3-year warranty.

Within the steps that GIGABYTE took with these servers: The design of the old circuit was improved with the use of new high-quality components to improve efficiency and stability, and the company’s engineers focused on reducing the length of the provider despite its arrival with a capacity of 750 watts, where instead of being a length of 160mm-180mm was done Reduce it to a length of 140mm. This small size of the power supply is suitable for installation in small bags, so you can get the required power you are looking for without worrying about the compatibility of the supplied inside one of the cases of your small computer.


Let’s talk first about the most prominent features of the P750GM power supply: This provider came with a capacity of 750 watts of power to meet the power requirements of the graphics card and the CPU of the upper class without any problem in terms of lack of power towards those important pieces. Inside the supplier, it was supplied with high-quality 100% Japanese-made capacitors, which have a service life of up to 20 years compared to conventional capacitors that operate within a lifetime of no more than 4 to 5 years.

How about energy efficiency? The P750GM power supply is certified by 80PLUS Gold, providing energy efficiency of over 90%, allowing gamers to enjoy high quality and stable power supply while reducing electricity bills thanks to this efficiency.

As expected, it comes with a fully modular design to let you connect just the cables you need, helping to organize the cables inside the computer case and dissipate heat better. The P750GM is also able to supply power lines of 8 + 8 or 8 + 4 to the central processor through those ports on the motherboard to optimally support mid-to-high class motherboards. In addition, the P750GM Power Supply features a “1 20mm” fan shutdown function to prevent the fan from spinning during standby mode or when power consumption is below 20%.

How about the two less powerful versions? Both the P550B 550W and the 450W P450B come with 80PLUS Bronze Certification to provide energy efficiency of over 85% and to somehow help you reduce your financial costs. By the way, the fan supplied with these servers is the same type of fan that came with the 750 watt version.


The three power supplies are also designed with comprehensive protection from current and voltage, which may lead to various problems to disconnect your computer, which include: protection of the provider from low outgoing voltages, protection from high outgoing voltages, protection from high output current, and protection from the occurrence of short circuit in a circuit Energy, overload protection, and even overheating protection, to give users the peace of mind they need during their long-term use.

The simple design of the single + 12V rail power supply system allows the wattage of all connected power lines to ideally be distributed towards cutting your computer, because all the power output from the provider is from a single outlet + 12V available for any component connected to the provider, regardless of the connector or cable. the user. This means that a power supply with a single-rail design has the potential to supply more current to your hardware components since the + 12V output has a large ampere rating.

As for prices, we have learned that the P750GM 80 PLUS Gold provider comes at $ 130 … while the P450B version comes at $ 55 and the P550B version comes at about $ 70.

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