Global websites back up after Fastly servers down for hours

The Internet suffered a major blow last night, with a large number of global websites, including Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, Twitch, HBO, and Quira, as well as BBC and others, suspended due to a sudden stop in Fastly services that most of these sites deal with.

The “503 Errors” error message was shown to users trying to access the blocked sites until the company was able to overcome the problem.

Fastly provides cloud services and technologies that help reduce the time to access sites when you click on them. Instead of waiting for additional seconds or minutes, the company’s technologies reduce this time to improve the user experience. Although technology companies have their own servers, they work with content delivery services (CDN) such as Fastly, so that instead of requesting basic data from the company’s remote server, the data is sent to the nearest server in the area, which increases the speed of user access to it.

CDN servers, including Fastly, Cloudflare and CloudFront, usually store what is known as “cache” or temporary content when any user opens a page temporarily, and therefore when another user enters the site, the whole site will not have to be reloaded again, as happens when The page is requested from the original server directly, but the “cache” is taken to load the page faster in a period that does not exceed 25 milliseconds only!

After waiting for hours due to Fastly’s outage, global sites are back to working normally around the world, and you can now try them again if you encountered a problem yesterday.

Sites that have been down include:

  • News websites: BBC, New York Times, Guardian, Financial Times, CNN, and others.
  • Social networks: Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Twitch.
  • Financial Services: PayPal, Stripe.
  • Content services: Vimeo, HBO, Hulu, Spotify.
  • E-commerce companies: Amazon, Shopify.

It is noteworthy that several other websites have been suspended due to a bug that Fastly encountered last night.


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