Google and Microsoft invest $30 billion

After the meeting of the five major American technology companies with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to discuss the challenges of cybersecurity and protection in the United States, the companies came up with many decisions, including a decision that includes investing $ 30 billion in cyber security over the next five years, in which Microsoft will invest 20 billion of them, and Google will invest 10 billion dollars.

The companies will focus on supporting the US economy as well as supporting government institutions, as Microsoft will invest 150 million directly to train government agencies in digital and information security, and will invest an additional 150 million in technical services for federal institutions and local governments to enhance cybersecurity.

While Google will focus on the “zero trust” or “Zero Trust” model for security protection, protection of supply systems, building open source protection systems, as well as providing training opportunities for more Americans. The company says that it will contribute to the acquisition of 100,000 Americans over the next three years to obtain certificates accredited by the Google Career Academy in various areas of digital and cyber security.

For its part, IBM, which participated in the meeting, said that it will train 150,000 people on cybersecurity in the next three years, and will cooperate with more than 20 prestigious universities for this purpose.

As for Apple, it indicated its plan to launch a new program to improve security protection on supply chains, and the company will work through its program with 9 thousand providers in the United States.

In turn, Amazon will provide protection to its subscribers on AWS at no additional charge, and will provide protection services to the public in the United States via AWS at no additional charge.

It is noteworthy that a number of other companies in the field of cybersecurity and information technology announced steps in line with the five largest companies in the United States.


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