Google Pixel phones will retain unlimited High quality Google Photos backup

Earlier today, Google shocked everyone when it announced that by the first day of June next year, it will discontinue its unlimited free plan in the Google Photos storage service. Thus, this means that users of this service will be given 15GB of free storage space, and if they want to get more space, they will have to subscribe to the Google One cloud storage service.

However, there is some rather good news, which is in the case if you own a Google Pixel phone. In fact, Google has now made it clear that owners of Google Pixel devices will be able to use the unlimited free storage of “High Quality” photos and videos on Google Photos in the future, but it is still unclear whether this will also change in the future. No.

It remains to be seen whether Google will implement this on future Google Pixel phones or whether it is limited to current and old Google Pixel phones. In case if you are not aware of it, Google Photos service allows users to backup their photos and videos in high resolution or in the original resolution. And for images that are stored in high resolution, they get unlimited free storage, while images stored in the original resolution eat up the limited storage space of the user.

With this change, Google basically says that all Google Photos users, with the exception of Google Pixel users, will no longer be able to enjoy these privileges by the first day of June of next year. Google One cloud storage service currently costs $ 1.99 a month for 100GB of storage, which is enough for most users, so if you have a lot of photos that you want to store in the cloud, you might want to take a look at Google One.


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