Google plans to stop collecting user data for ads

Google revealed an important step in order to provide more privacy for users, which is to stop targeting them with ads based on the data they get from their browsing history, and this means that the company will stop selling users’ data for the purpose of ads in a shift completely different from what it has been doing since Years.

The company also clarified that it will not develop any other tools as well to collect user data through its many sites and services that it provides.

This step comes after Google announced earlier that it would seek to stop supporting “third-party cookies” for browsing websites on Chrome.

Google mainly relies on collecting user data through the search engine or its browser Chrome or other sites and services that it provides and then sells it to a third party for use in ads directly; This is evident when anyone searches for a specific product and then moves to another site that supports the emergence of ads, so that ad results appear related to the search, or even when a specific product is searched for and then Facebook is opened and relevant ads appear on the social network.

The method used by Google reduces users’ privacy and often exposes their data to the risk of using it for unhealthy purposes.

However, the company’s adoption of its next step will completely change the look and quality of advertisements compared to what we see today.


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