Google Play will display app rating more personalized

Starting in 2022, the Google Play Store will start displaying app ratings in a more personalized way, targeting ratings based on geographical location and the type of device used.

Google displays the evaluation of each application on its store based on all evaluations from the public in all the countries available in it, that is, no matter how different the geographical location or the type of device, the same evaluation appears for all users, but in 2022 the view will be changed to show evaluations everywhere differently according to audience evaluations. In that area, the different type of phone also means that a different rating will appear especially since the ratings will appear according to users with the same type of phone.

The company decided to make changes to the Google Play Store to avoid any negative evaluation campaigns for applications in one way or another, as Facebook had previously faced very low ratings on its various applications due to its dual policy in controlling content, which prompted it to ask Google to delete the ratings from the store, but the latter refused that at the time. However, taking the new step will reduce this occurrence with applications in the future.

App-specific ratings are important for any user before downloading an app. Whether they are using an Android or an iPhone, they will look at the ratings to understand the app they are looking for, and then decide whether to download it or not. However, new apps with poor reviews often end up with users reluctance to download them on their phones for fear of problems.

It is noteworthy that the Google plan will include applications on the Play Store for users of Android phones or tablets, and even computers running Chromebooks, as well as smart watches. While developers will be able to get enough information about ratings for their apps in general.


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