Google supports Pixel 3 and above versions with exclusive Pixel 5 features

In the last December update, Google supported the Pixel 3 phones and the latest versions with features that were exclusive to the latest version of the “Pixel 5” phone.

The “Hold for Me” feature launched by the company with the Pixel 5 was one of the new modifications; It is a feature linked to Google’s voice assistant to monitor the other party’s response to the call in the event of waiting, thus alerting the user when the response occurs; Where the company said that the feature provides an average of 8 minutes per call, although it is only available in English in the United States.

The other feature that can now be accessed from older Pixel versions is the “Extreme Battery Saver” that can be activated in the event that a person wants to preserve battery life for the longest possible time while running important applications only.

While the “Adaptive Sound” feature was also included in the new package; It was initially launched with Pixel Buds wireless earbuds in order to automatically adapt the sound to the surrounding environment, and today it supports the speakers of Pixel phones.

Google indicated that the feature can improve the sound quality of phones by using the microphone and assessing the sound in the surrounding environment and thus modifying and adjusting the sound settings appropriately to reflect on its quality.

Screen sharing via Duo is now available in conference calls, as well as the automatic identification feature for non-English sites and their translation into English via the Google Lens app.

In the recent update, the company supported my Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phone with exclusive features; It has made use of GPS more accurate while walking in the United States.

In addition to new features to preserve battery life and adapt it to the user’s experience with the “Adaptive Charging” feature that regulates the speed of battery charging and the “Adaptive Connectivity” feature that automatically switches the connection between 4G and 5G depending on the type of applications the user is working on and their need for speed or download .


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