Google will ban any app that uses misleading information on the Play Store

Google has begun to update the Play Store policy forcing developers to use clear words and information in the description of their applications, their names and logos, to ensure that users are not deceived.

The company will block any application on the Google Play Store that uses words to motivate users to download it that are not based on precise foundations, such as using the words “best airline application” in the description, title, or company name, and naming companies with names that encourage users to download applications such as placing # tags 1 To denote that it is the best company without relying on real information.

It is the case with writing promotional words such as “download now” or “application without ads” and other similar terms that thousands of applications add to the store.

Google will also prevent developers from putting information on the logo of their applications to deceive users about the app’s preference, such as writing “the best application in 2020” and the like, and the same applies to the use of emojis in application names.

On the same side, the new application store policy will oblige developers to use a maximum of 30 characters for the names of their applications, and it will also force them to put clear logos without writing any misleading or deceptive information, which is the case with the name just writing it clearly.

Google will also oblige developers to avoid placing any similar information in images and screenshots on the application page on the Play Store, or even in the short description directly below the names of the applications.

The company will start imposing the new policy on the Play Store in the second half of this year 2021, to give developers enough time to make changes before the ban.


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