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10 coolest hidden features in iPhone

Long support is a point where iPhones clearly outperform Android phones; While the latter gets 3 major system updates at the best estimate, iPhone phones receive at least 5 major system updates before stopping their support, which ensures that users of these phones get the latest features and useful features from Apple for a long time. However, due to the continuous and continuous updates of the iOS system, users may neglect to keep up with all the new features that are added, especially those that are not clearly announced by Apple, as they are considered “hidden features” about which little is known. But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn about some of the lesser known features of the iPhone to make the most of it.

1- Take a long screenshot of the sites

Instead of taking multiple screenshots to capture long articles or webpages, you can use the iPhone’s long screenshot feature, which enables you to capture all the information from the beginning to the end of the page in a single screenshot. To do this, the article or webpage needs to be viewed within the Safari browser and then you press Volume Up + Power button together or Power + Home button together to take a screenshot. When the preview thumbnail appears in the lower right pane, click on it before it disappears to show the screenshot editing tools. Here you should notice the “Full Page” tab at the top, so go to it to view the entire web page in the screenshot. After that press the “Done” button to save the screenshot. However, it should be noted here that the phone will not save the screenshot as a PNG or JPG image, but rather it will be saved in the “Files” application as a PDF file, and then you can share it easily.

2- Delete audio from the video before sharing it

Sometimes you may not want to keep the audio with the videos that you post on social media, maybe because they are very annoying or involve personal conversation, so you want to remove the audio of the video before sharing it with friends and family. To do this on the iPhone, you will not need any external applications. You just need to open the “Photos” application and then display the video that you want to “mute” and click on “Edit” in the upper left corner of the screen. On the editing page, click on the yellow speaker icon in the corner to disable the sound, and then press “Done” to save the video without sound. Now you can share it however you like, and the viewer won’t hear any sound when the video is playing.

3- Scanning documents and documents

In the past, iPhone users had to download an app from the store to scan documents and documents before sharing them with business personnel or someone. But in recent versions of iOS, it has become possible to do the same thing, and with excellent results, using the Notes or Files app, as there is a built-in scanner to digitize any documents. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is open the “Files” application, go to any folder, then click and hold on an empty area to bring up the options menu, and then press “Scan”. Or, you can also open the Notes app, create a new note, and then click the “Camera” icon at the bottom to choose “Scan Documents”.

The camera will instantly turn on and the phone will start to recognize the document frame, where you will see a yellow square mark the document, and then it will automatically scan the document for you. After scanning the first document, you can continue to scan more documents if you need to, then when you are finished press “Save” and after that all the scanned documents are displayed on the editing page, where you can accurately reset the edges, or make the document black and white only Or rotate documents or cut parts of them. Finally, press “Done” to store these documents as a “picture” in the note within the Notes application or as a PDF file in the “Files” application, in either case you will be able to easily share them with others.

4- Converting units from the search bar

One of the great and useful features of the iPhone is also the ability to use the search bar (Spotlight) to convert between different units, such as converting currency rates, distance, time, length, and others quickly. All you have to do is swipe down on the main screen to display the search bar, then start typing the unit or currency that you want to convert into local values. For example, the conversion from feet to meters, from pounds to kilograms, from hectares to acres, seconds to minutes, or dollars to euros, so that you can perform real-time calculations instead of using the calculator app. And as soon as you start typing, the search bar instantly displays the result as shown in the image above.

5- Use the camera as a magnifying glass

Magnifier is another feature that deserves attention, as it allows you to convert the iPhone’s camera into a magnifying glass so that you can enlarge and see very small things with clarity. But because the method for turning on the feature may interfere with daily phone usage, it is disabled by default. So if you want to try it, all you have to do is go to “Settings”, then “Accessibility,” then “Magnifier” and activate the feature.

Now to use the Magnifier on iPhone X and later you will triple-click the Power button, while on iPhone 8 and earlier you will triple-click the Home button. After that, the camera will be launched in the magnifying glass mode, you will find a bar at the bottom, slide it to adjust the zoom level. An important tip, place the phone on any stable surface instead of holding it while zooming in order to get stable and stable images. While zooming in, you can do actions like activate color filters, turn on the flash, or invert colors. To pin the image to a specific frame, press the capture button at the bottom. To save the image to the phone memory, press and hold the image, then tap “Save Image”.

6- Video screen recording

Among the features that you may need a lot while using the iPhone is a video recording, whether to review an application, explain the steps to apply a specific thing on the phone, or comment on a video .. Whatever it is, there is no need to download the Record applications from the store. All you have to do is go to “Settings”, then scroll down and click on “Control Center” and choose “Customize Controls, then scroll and click on the green plus sign (+) next to” Screen Recording “to add the feature to Control Center.

Now when you want to record your screen, open the Control Center, by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen, or swiping down from the top left corner of the screen. Then press and hold the recording icon until all the options appear, then it begins to determine whether you want to save the video in pictures or send it to someone via Messenger or WhatsApp, and you can activate audio recording during screen capture. When you are ready, press “Start recording, then wait for the countdown to start. When finished, press the red status bar and then stop.”

7- Change the language in specific applications only

You no longer need to completely convert the iPhone’s primary language (from Settings) to be able to use a specific application in a different language. Thanks to iOS 13 improvements, each installed app now has its own language setting. Meaning, if you want to use WhatsApp in English, Twitter in Arabic, and Instagram in French, you can do so. But first you will need to check if you already have multiple languages ​​set up for iPhone. If you add Arabic and English in the “Language and Region” section, you will be able to take advantage of this feature.

All you need is to go to “Settings”, then scroll down and click on the application, whether it is an external application or an Apple application. On the application settings page, you will find the “Language” option, click on it, and then select the display language for this application only. When you finish and reopen the app, it will appear in the language you selected while the iPhone and all other apps remain in the primary language.

8- Zip files

File compression is an important process in many situations, for example, when you share a batch of pictures or PDF documents with someone via e-mail, the compression helps reduce the file size to accommodate the size restrictions imposed by mail service providers. This also helps to save limited cloud storage space, as well as save the package consumption when uploading these files. Fortunately, iOS 13 offers the ability to zip files from the Files app without the need to download any external apps.

It is very simple. You open “Files” and you will go to the folder where the files to be compressed are located, then click on “Select” and select all or some of the files. Now press the button (…) at the bottom, then choose “Compress” from the menu, and within seconds you will get a zip file containing all the files you selected.

9- Turn on the flash with notification alert

The LED flash is used when taking pictures on the iPhone, but it can be used when you receive a notification while the phone is locked, so that the iOS system contains a feature that makes the flash blink whenever you get an alert while the iPhone is in lock mode or it is set to silent mode, so you will not miss any notifications Mission. To activate this feature, go to “Settings”, then “Accessibility,” then choose “Audio / Visual,” and then turn on “LED flashing for alerts,” and you will notice that another option “flash when silent is on” appears. You can also enable it to use the feature only when switching the mode to Silent from bypass switch.

10- Share screenshots quickly

When we want to send a screenshot of a certain thing and send it to someone via the iPhone, there are many steps that are taken to achieve this: first we take the required screenshot, secondly we open the messaging application, whether Messenger, WhatsApp or even e-mail, thirdly we define the conversation, fourthly we press The media attach button, fifth, we select the screenshot from the gallery, and sixth, we press Send to send the image. But what many people don’t know is that it is possible to shorten all of that and share the screenshot with anyone in just one step! After taking the screenshot, all you have to do is tap and hold on the preview thumbnail, and the Share Sheet will immediately appear. You can send it to anyone from this list directly or through any social media app.

This was a review of the 10 coolest and best hidden features in the iPhone, which users of these phones must know to facilitate work and shorten a lot of time.

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