HONOR officially unveils the logo for the HUNTER gaming PC

Honor officially unveiled today the logo for the upcoming HUNTER gaming notebook from the company.

Honor confirmed that the gaming computer, which will be launched close to the company, brings a new experience in games, and also indicated that the HUNTER device will rewrite the rules of the games again.


Honor is preparing soon to announce the HUNTER gaming notebook, and today the company officially unveiled the logo that applies to the device.

The Honor Hunter device comes with a new design that differs from the design recognized in the devices for games, as the logo of the device mimics the hunting tool. Honor also confirms in its teaser announcement of its plans to launch this version soon.

And Zhao, President of Honor, has confirmed on more than one occasion the company’s plans to start competition in the gaming device market, and confirmed that the first version of these devices will be launched in the second half of 2020.

Zhao also interacted with a lot of users during the last period on the Weibo platform, where he indicated in his statements that the first gaming device from the company will come with a high capacity for heat dissipation, and will also include configurations that support the device with the best performance, also confirmed that the first version will come with a very thin design Competition between devices in the market.

It is noteworthy that the Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi is also preparing to launch its first release of gaming computers entitled Redmi G, which will be officially launched on August 14th.

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