Honor phones carry the latest Qualcomm processors after the separation from Huawei

After Huawei sold its Honer brand to a number of investors last month to avoid further losses due to US sanctions, it seems that conditions are ripe for Honor to thrive on its own now with its close cooperation with Qualcomm, especially with the new Snapdragon 888 processor to be the main processor for the flagship phones coming from the company.

And according to GizChina, Honor has been in talks with Qualcomm to add its processors to a number of upcoming phones during 2021.

The site confirmed that there is great optimism about closing the final details of the agreement, to start cooperation between the two companies on a group of pioneering phones.

The head of Qualcomm had previously announced last month that his company entered into talks with Honer to start cooperation between the two parties, as the president of Honer had previously talked about his company’s intention to enter the strong competition in the phone market to be one of the main players besides launching other products away from smart phones to enhance its position between Major companies.

Honor, when it was under the Huawei banner, previously launched many phones for the middle class, but now it seeks to boost its production with flagship phones.

This step means more growth for Honor as a separate brand, and at the same time it is a blow to Huawei, which will dispense with a large market share.

It is noteworthy that Honor’s cooperation with Qualcomm means support for its phones for the best processors and the fifth generation, which Huawei will lack due to US sanctions.


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