How to cast Android phone content to TV by Google Home

Learn the steps necessary to broadcast the content of the Android phone to the TV, which allows the user to share content on televisions or enjoy viewing movies and games on large screens.

Quick steps that allow the user to share the content of the Android phone on the TV screen, and you can mirror the content of the Android phone from movies, photos, and watching videos.

What do you need to cast your Android phone screen to TV

Initially, the user will have to equip the Android phone or tablet with the Android 5.0 operating system or later, so the user will initially have to check the device’s system through the settings.

Also, the user will need a Google Chromecast broadcast device that was launched with the Google TV device, also the user can support one of the Android devices that comes with a built-in Chromecast unit, or a smart screen such as the Google Nest Hub, and the device’s support for broadcasting via Chromecast can be verified through one of the following steps :

Cast screen content via the Google Home app

The Google Home app is the most effective and reliable way to broadcast Android phone content to TVs, which is already available to users of Google Speakers, Nest Wifi users or users of Chromecast devices as well, or the user can install it via the Google Play Store.

After completing the step of installing the Google Home app, the user will need to follow the following steps:

Open the app on the user’s Chromecast device
Then you can choose Cast my Screen button at the end of the screen
Agree to the notice that reminds the user that the content of the Android phone will be visible on other devices
User can stop sending and sharing the Android phone screen to TVs via the Home app

There is also another, smoother way to share your Android phone’s screen on your TV, by choosing Casting in the phone’s quick settings, via the following steps:

  • Dragging the quick settings panel on Android phone
  • Choose the Screen cast button from the quick settings panel
  • A list of Chromecast devices available to the user will appear to the user, where the device connected to the TV screen can be selected to start casting the Android phone screen
  • It is also possible to stop the screen broadcasting and sharing process through the same previous steps to disconnect the connection
  • Also, the user can add a screen broadcast option if it is not available via the pen symbol in the quick settings panel that allows modification of the selections.


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