How to connect bluetooth headphones to the new PS5 game console

Learn the steps for connecting bluetooth headsets to the new Sony PS5 game console, and the accessories you need to support the connection of the bluetooth headset to the gaming device.

The new Sony PS5 was launched for users, but it does not support direct connection to Bluetooth headsets as in previous versions of Sony gaming devices, and with the launch of the new AirPods Max from Apple and a distinctive set of gaming headsets, we present today the details of connecting bluetooth headsets to the PS5.

How to connect bluetooth headphones or AirPods to PS5

You can try connecting the bluetooth headset to the new Sony gaming device by choosing your favorite bluetooth headset at the beginning, which includes the new Apple AirPods Max, or the distinctive Creative SXFI Air bluetooth headset.

Also, the user with the bluetooth headset needs a USB-C or USB-A adapter as the PS5 includes one USB-C port, so if using an external SSD or an external drive, the user will have to disable the USB-A adapter, some adapters also come Like the Creative BT-W3 bluetooth adapter with USB-A adapter, also after the availability of the required accessories, the user can start to connect the bluetooth headset to the PS5.

To start the connection, the user will have to insert the adapter into the PS5 port, and then press and hold the sync button on the Bluetooth headset and the adapter as the connection may take some time.

It is decided that the Bluetooth headset will be defined in the PS5 as a USB audio accessory, and then the available audio options will be fully displayed on the PS5, with 3D audio being among the available options.

The best USB-C bluetooth adapter

Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth Adapter

The Creative adapter is available in a design that supports the user optimally, as the USB C adapter comes with a design that supports a distinctive audio experience with the PS5 system, and also supports direct connection with the USB C port, and is also available with a USB-A adapter to support communication via the USB-A port. With a 3.5mm microphone, it supports connection to the bottom of the PS5 DualSense game controller.

The best USB-A bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth adapter TP-Link

The TP-Link USB bluetooth adapter has a good pricing level, and it is one of the best USB-A bluetooth adapters, and it supports connecting to the PS5 via the USB-A port and then connecting to a bluetooth speaker.


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