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Huawei announced the FreeBuds Studio headset, with the Watch GT 2 Porsche special edition

Huawei today announced the FreeBuds Studio headphones, with the Watch GT 2 Porsche special edition, along with the X Gentle Monster Eyewear II.

Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones

Huawei offers headphones FreeBuds Studio with 8 microphones, 4 of the microphones on the side of the speaker come with a capacity to support 40 decibel noise reduction, and the headphone also includes a Tee Audio Tube design that supports filtering audio to medium and high frequencies.

The FreeBuds Studio headset also features smart technology as it includes three modes, where the first mode supports trips, which is the Ultra mode to support the user on flights and trains, and the General style that supports the user in places with medium noise such as restaurants, for example, and also the Cozy mode, which Supports the user in quiet places, including work offices.

The headset also includes a smart algorithm that supports switching between different patterns according to the user’s surroundings, and FreeBuds Studio can support the user to listen to the surrounding environment, through the Awareness Mode that supports activation via the ANC button on the left side of the speaker.

Voice mode also comes to support the user in listening to people, and this mode can be adjusted via the AI ​​Life application, as it works to adjust and enhance human voices while reducing noise.

The FreeBuds Studio includes a 40mm engine, with 4 layers of polymer films, which supports 48 kHz production with an immersive base, and supports L2HC encoding for the highest quality, and supports music transmission at a speed of 960 kbps, where it can support the user in games good.

Huawei also offers FreeBuds Studio headset with a stable connection feature with a dual design of antennas, with support for the connection of two devices and switching between devices smoothly, also supports fast pairing, and also supports touch control, and the headphone can continue with a charging life of up to 24 hours, and also supports fast charging It starts at 300 euros.

The Watch GT 2 smartwatch with a Porsche design

The Watch GT 2 smartwatch special edition Porsche design launches today with a sapphire glass design that supports higher resistance for the smartwatch, and the smartwatch features a light titanium design in the frame of the watch, while it features a ceramic design on the back.

The wrist strap of the Watch GT 2 Porsche smartwatch is also distinguished by titanium, as well as a design that supports removing the smartwatch smoothly from the wrist.

The smartwatch supports 100 sports patterns, which include mountain climbing, surfing, and rowing among other sports styles, and the smartwatch also supports 10 running sessions with voice guidance, with a ski instructor, and an analytical golf sport pattern, which includes an air pressure sensor.

Watch GT 2 Porsche also supports tracking hours of sunrise and sunset, moon phases, and tides as well, with water resistance at a depth of 50 meters, and the smart watch can support tracking the user’s path when jogging or climbing mountains.

The watch also supports heart rate sensing, blood oxygen measurement with a 24-hour SpO2 sensor, and supports TruSleep 2.0 sleep tracking, and measuring stress levels.

The charging life of the smart watch ranges between 14 days in normal use, or 8 days for intensive use, and the Watch GT 2 Porsche is launched with the Huawei OS, and includes a 1.39-inch OLED screen, and features a size of 46 mm, as it starts at a price of 700 euros.

X Gentle Monster Eyewear II

The X Gentle Monster Eyewear II comes in several versions from Huawei, it also supports the attachment of medical lenses, it also includes side speakers with 128 mm² diaphragms to support the highest quality in acoustics, with a sound wave system to ensure the continuation of the acoustics without leakage of the audio, as it supports receiving calls, Or reject it, and skip music tracks, also supports Bluetooth 5.2 technology, and is available at a price of 300 euros.


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