Huawei launches a new laptop early next year

Huawei plans to launch a new “Huawei Qingyun L410” laptop that will come with a Kirin 990 processor and Deepin OS 20 early next year, according to gizchina.

Where the site published an image showing the laptop’s external packaging box with the name and basic specifications that match previous leaks, as the device will work with a Kirin 990 processor and will have a 14-inch screen that supports 2K resolution, 8 GB of RAM, and an internal storage capacity of 512 GB SSD.

And from checking the envelope details for the alleged laptop, we note that the bottom detail of the number – which is one piece – shows the weight of 2.252 kg, almost twice the weight of the latest Mate Book series; And powered by Intel processors of the tenth generation and Nvidia graphics cards, any amount and greater hardware power with less weight! With the fact that according to the information in our hands, it is assumed that the next laptop will be less weight!

On the part of the operating system, the leaks indicate that it works as an alternative to commercial systems, which is Deepin OS 20 developed by Wuhan Deepin Technology and based on the Linux system.

Qingyun L410 will support 5G communication technologies, which is normal, despite being supported by the company’s latest Kirin 990 processors; While the source indicated that the laptop may work independently with the company’s “Harmony OS” system, and it will be launched in China first, and then users will arrive abroad according to the plan.

It is worth noting that the Chinese company has launched the trial version of its smart phone system “HarmonyOS 2.0” in the middle of this month to be the ideal alternative to the Android system on its phones, as well as to work in harmony with the rest of its smartwatches, computers and other products under the US sanctions and embargo; As the version is available to developers now, the stable version will be launched early next year for users.


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