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List of Huawei phones and devices due to be updated with HONGMENG OS 2.0

The latest leaks published on Weibo today revealed a list showing the devices and phones scheduled to be updated with HONGMENG OS 2.0 next year, which were divided according to the processor chips used in the devices.

Huawei had announced its plans to start upgrading the company’s devices and phones to the HONGMENG OS 2.0 system starting next year, as the first beta version of the HONGMENG OS 2.0 update for smartphones will start in December before the end of this year.

Wang Chenglu, head of the consumer sector in Huawei, confirmed that the company is preparing to push the trial version for mobile devices of the Hongmeng 2.0 system for developers in December, with Hongmeng 2.0 to be launched for some Huawei phones between January and February.

Also, it will take two months for the company to finish previewing the beta version for Hongmeng 2.0 mobile devices, and then the company will start pushing the update and upgrading devices and phones in a large scale.

Huawei is scheduled to start upgrading the company’s phones and devices with the Hongmeng 2.0 system next year according to the category of the chip used in the devices, and a list of devices to be updated next year according to the chips has been revealed, which comes in an order as follows:

  • The first line of devices and phones to include the Kirin 9000 processor chip
  • The second set of devices and phones to include the Kirin 990 5G processor chip
  • The third group, which will be partially upgraded, includes the Kirin 990 4G chip, the Kirin 985, and the Kirin 820.
  • The fourth group includes another part of the devices and phones that includes the Kirin 820 chip, the Kirin 980 and also the Kirin 990 4G
  • The fifth group that is being upgraded includes devices and phones that include the Kirin 810 chip, and the Kirin 710 chip.

It is reported that the schedule for pushing the upcoming upgrade from the Hongmeng 2.0 system is mainly based on the chip used in the phone, with devices that include the main chipset to get the upgrade feature at the beginning.


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