Huawei plans to license 5G patents to other phone companies

Huawei plans to license 5G patents to other smart phone manufacturers, in a move to create income channels and raise their revenues after the significant decline caused by the US ban and contributed to its setback in phone sales.

Huawei is considered a pioneer in the development of 5G networks and technologies with thousands of patents registered in its name (3,007 patents as the most in the field), but it did not allow its patents to be licensed to other companies, especially as it is at the top of smart phone sales last year, but now it looks differently to the matter. And she wants to let other companies use her technology.

This is an important step for companies like Apple, which have previously fought legal battles with Qualcomm over communication technologies, as Huawei is likely to grant licensing for 5G technologies for $ 2.5 per phone launched, while companies like Ericsson and Nokia are licensing their technologies for $ 7.5. American for every phone.

Huawei expects from its new strategy to generate $ 1.3 billion in revenue until the end of the year 2021.

The company’s patents include important technologies related to 5G standards and LTE standard technologies – basic technologies for any phone to work on most networks, especially 5G, of which Huawei is its largest developer around the world, which means that companies are forced to obtain a license. But the new strategy around fully licensing all patents needed for this matter will encourage companies to cooperate with them instead of relying on more than one party.


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