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A vulnerability in the Instagram application that leads to remote penetration of phones

A report published on The Hacker News today confirmed that a security vulnerability has been detected in the Instagram application on the Android platform via Check Point researchers, which allows hacking smartphones remotely.

Check Point researchers described the new security vulnerability that was revealed in the Instagram application as a dangerous one, which leads to penetration of users’ phones remotely by sending a specially designed image of the victim of the hacking process.

Instagram hacked

The report also emphasized that the seriousness of this vulnerability does not depend on hacking phones remotely only, but rather it extends to the possibility of carrying out some actions on behalf of the user within the Instagram application, and among these procedures is the possibility of deleting photos, or posting pictures from the hacker’s private account, along with Hack the device and execute some code.

The Facebook company indicated that the hacking affects the versions of Instagram that were released before the number, which was launched on February 10 this year.

Also, Check Point researchers indicated that this hack leads to spying on the privacy of the user on a large scale, and Facebook addressed the problem directly by issuing a patch for the application 6 months ago, but the vulnerability was generally disclosed at this time to push Instagram users to update the application. And avoid the hacking and hacking of their accounts.

On the other hand, Check Point researchers pointed out that this vulnerability may also lead to tampering with the code of remote devices, as a result of the access permission provided by the user in the application, which allows the application to access the camera, contacts, GPS, photo library and also Microphone.

It is reported that the hacking process is done by sending a corrupted JPEG image via e-mail or WhatsApp, as Instagram hacking begins after saving the image on the device and then launching the Instagram application to start the hacking process.


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