Intel unveils new Intel Xe processors and their new architectures

Today Intel released an amazing batch of announcements for its 2020 Architecture Day. However, its disclosures about its new Tiger Lake architecture with its Willow Cove cores and its Intel Xe graphics architecture are the most interesting, especially since it will come in new laptops by the end of 2020 to counter the offerings of the latest AMD Ryzen Mobile processors. This is the much-needed counter for Intel as AMD continues to advance the high-performance laptop market while simultaneously reducing its market share at the low end.

intel xe graphics

Tiger Lake’s new architecture looks like a worthy opponent, at least in terms of specs. Although today’s Intel announcements do not cover actual chip specifications for silicon chips, the architectural design certainly looks promising: the new Tiger Lake chips come with revamped 10nm SuperFin transistor technology, higher Ice Lake frequencies, a balanced cache for improved performance, and new security enhancements. Support for new LPDDR5-5400 memory when available in the future (LP4x-4267 for now), as well as support for PCIe 4.0 interface, and integrated graphics processors from the Xe LP (low power) architecture, among many other improvements.

Better performance and less power consumption with Intel Xe GPUs compared to Gen 11
And given the lower graphics processor or Xe LP, and compared to the previous generation 11th Gen 11, the new GPUs offer a leap in terms of performance versus power consumption. The new architecture provides much higher performance with the same energy consumption, or similar performance with much greater energy consumption. And because the new architecture will provide 50% more execution units, the new graphic processors will provide – thanks to the larger number of EU execution units and the higher frequencies of the new cores – performance that may reach twice with some real applications, but this will be more evident once the same hardware is available.

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