Apple pushed the iOS 13.6.1 update to address the green color issue in screen and storage

Apple launched the new version of the iOS 13.6.1 update for iPhone users, to address some of the problems that were detected during the last period.

IOS 13.6.1 update is launched for users to address the green screen issue on iPhones, as well as storage issues that users face.

iOS 13.6

Apple launched the iOS 13.6 update about a month ago for users with a set of new features that include support for the digital key feature of the car, with new improvements in the News app from Apple, and again the company launched an update for iPad users via iPadOS, and iPhone users via iOS .

The new update comes with the release of iOS 13.6.1 to fix the problem of low storage and the problem of the green screen, which is one of the main problems facing iPhone 11 users, and the update is scheduled to support the following features:

  • Addressed issue where system data files were not deleted automatically when there was low storage space.
  • Addressing the heat management issue that leads to green screen appearing on some iPhones.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were disabled
  • Also, in the iPadOS system, an issue was addressed that the system data files were not automatically deleted in the event of a low storage space.

The update is now scheduled to be available to users through the settings through the General tab and then choose Software Update. It is expected that this update will be the last before the launch of the new version of iOS 14 this fall.

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