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Learn about the most prominent features of the new iOS 14 update

For the first time in many years, Apple decided to launch the annual iOS update before the announcement of new iPhones, so that the new update began to reach users of the company’s phones and tablets, in advance of a new set of features that users of the American company’s phones have been waiting for for years.

IOS 14 features

Tools on the home page

The most prominent change coming to the iOS 14 interface is the ability to add tools or widgets on the home screen in the middle of the apps, after they were only present with the notifications window. Users will be able to control the widgets very easily by determining their size and location, and Apple will also provide a smart widget that changes what it shows you according to various factors such as time or location, in the morning, for example, the weather will appear to you while it changes in the afternoon to show you the calendar.

Apple’s new addition to the home page will not be limited to its applications, as it has opened the door for developers to add their own widgets, and many of them are currently available for applications from different developers.

Library for applications

In iOS 14, you can now get rid of creating files for each group of apps to avoid long app lists, as the new update contains a library of apps that divides each group separately and also contains a group dedicated to the suggested apps based on your phone usage. To access this library, just swipe the screen to the right.

Floating windows

The most important update in my opinion in iOS 14 is the floating windows which have become an essential part of every system app and a lot of third-party apps. You can now play videos in floating windows on the screen and use the phone at the same time, as well as controlling the size and location of these windows. The same can be done on FaceTime video calls and soon all video calling apps.

Small window for calls

One of the worst things that you encounter when using iOS in general when receiving a phone call or through any communication application is that the call has become all over the phone screen, which stops you from what you are doing. It gets worse when playing on the phone, especially competitive games, and it reaches its climax when you do not want to answer the caller so that you have to wait until the call ends without using your phone.

Fortunately for US phone users, this ended without coming back in iOS 14. Incoming calls will now arrive in a small window at the top of the screen. Apple will provide an API for this new feature for developers, so that it includes all call applications.

Simultaneous translation

In its new update, Apple provides instant translation in which you only need a microphone, so that the Translate application will instantly convert what you say to the other language, and it will also display it in a written form on the screen. The simultaneous translation feature will initially be available in eleven languages, namely Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

These languages ​​can pre-download their files to enjoy instant translation without an Internet connection, and the automatic language recognition option can be activated.

App Clips feature

You don’t need to download an entire app in order to use part of it thanks to App Clips. In iOS 14, you can run certain parts of the applications immediately without downloading the application completely by scanning QR codes or via NFC units. It can also be accessed via Safari, the messaging application, maps, and the application library.


Apple added some useful tweaks in iOS 14 to better control user privacy. First, you can now not share your location specifically with any service or application and share an approximate location to take advantage of the services available to regions without others without providing your detailed location against this. Secondly, you can specify which images applications can access. You will not have to give full access to the photo gallery.

Third, the system will show you a sign that an application is using the microphone or the camera, or both inside the same application and Control Center. Fourth, developers can now replace the traditional login with logging in with an Apple account (Sign In with Apple) without losing user data and accounts. Fifthly, you will be able to control the applications that track your use of the phone. You will be able to give them the authority to know which applications you use or simply block them completely.

Your phone is the key to your car

You will not need to carry your car key anymore as you can open the car door and operate it simply by touching the car door with your phone. You can also share your car key with your family members and control how the key is used (to open the car or to start it). The car key control powers up to control the maximum driving speed, the acceleration rate, and even the sound of the media player.

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