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IPad features that many users are not familiar with

The iPhone may be one of the most famous Apple devices that a large number of users rely on, but the iPad is one of the wonderful devices that many overlook. The iPad device can be described as a productivity tool in the day and an entertainment center at night because it is versatile and full of amazing features, and we are here in this The article will tell you through the following lines of five features in the iPad that many Apple users are not familiar with.

IPad features

Full page image capture in PDF format

You can take a picture of the entire web page while saving it as a PDF file, and then you can access the file easily through the Files application, and to implement this feature, take a screenshot and click on the thumbnail on the bottom left and from there search for the screen and full page options if you want Save screen contents only or save entire screen.


I am an Apple user, and I prefer watching YouTube on the iPad while exercising at home, but at the same time I need a timer when exercising, so I switch between applications, but this command pauses the videos on YouTube temporarily.

But with the slideover feature on the iPad, you will be able to keep two apps open at the same time, and this helps me to run the watch app in order to make the timer while I exercise, as well as watch videos on YouTube without any problem.

You can use dock to run two apps at once.Dock allows you to create a slideover or split view so you can watch your favorite videos while responding to emails.

Control via trackpad

Before iOS 13.4, you could use a mouse or trackpad in order to control the iPad, but that feature was very limited, now the iPad supports a variety of gestures that you usually use via the mouse or trackpad, and to control the device via the trackpad or even the mouse. Connect one of them to the iPad via Bluetooth and open the Settings app to enable support for those devices.

Now, you will be able to use the trackpad or the mouse with the iPad and you can right-click and hold and click and drag without any problem and the iPad will respond to whatever you do with the mouse.

Reach the top of the web page

This feature may be simple but very useful, when you scroll down with any long webpage and want to jump up once instead of scrolling for a while until you get to the beginning of the page, you just need to click on the top of the address bar and you will instantly be taken to the top of the page. Easily.

Undo mistakes

When you want to undo an error while typing, you can use some simple gestures such as three fingers to undo your mistakes and redo them with ease, all you have to do is quickly tap with your three fingers on the screen and then select the Undo command, and you can use your three fingers and swipe left Then right to activate Redo or Redo.

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