Apple supplier statements confirm the quality of iPhone 12 lens production

The suppliers of camera lenses for the iPhone 12 series confirmed that there is no problem with the production of the lenses, or the quality level of the lenses, and Apple suppliers have confirmed that there has been no change in the schedule for the launch of the iPhone 12 series.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated in a previous report that Apple is facing a problem with the wide-angle camera lenses of the iPhone 12 distinctive size of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, as this category of lenses faces a problem in cracking the coating of the lenses due to defects in The level of manufacturing quality, he also indicated that this problem may lead to a delay in the announcement of some versions of Apple.

iPhone 12 lens supplier

Today, Apple suppliers have responded to this report with new details confirming that there is no problem in the production of lenses for the iPhone 12 series.

On the other hand, Genius Electronics, the main supplier of lenses for the upcoming Apple iPhone 12, confirmed that all supply orders were received on time, so there will be no delay in meeting requests for the supply of lenses for iPhone 12.

Recall that Apple also depends on Largan Precision along with its main supplier Genius Electronics to ensure that production requests are met on time, so it confirms expectations that Apple will not move to postpone or change its schedule to announce the iPhone 12, and start shipping new versions.


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