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IPhone 12 officially launched with 5G connectivity

Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, which is launched with the advantage of connecting to 5G networks, and features a flat design in the frames, which comes with a 6.1-inch screen that was presented in the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, but the iPhone 12 applies this year with an OLED screen and a price of $ 799.

The iPhone 12 comes in a closer design to the iPad Air with square edges, with Apple replacing the circular design of the edges of the phone that was introduced in iPhones for several years.

Also, despite the agreement of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 in the 6.1-inch screen size, Apple confirms that the iPhone 12 comes in a smaller and thinner design, thanks to the thinnest screen frames, and the lower weight also thanks to the OLED screen.

Apple also introduces in the iPhone 12 phone noticeable improvements in the quality of the display on the screen over the iPhone 11, and Apple supports this year’s release with a design with higher efficiency thanks to the Corning glass layer, where the phone can support higher resistance this year.

The iPhone 12 supports connection to 5G networks, as it supports “sub-6” antennas that are spread in a wider range now, and the phone also supports work with mmWave 5G networks.

Also, as expected, the iPhone 12 comes with the A14 Bionic processor chip that was officially announced last month with the Pad Air, where the chip comes with 6 cores, two of which support performance, while the four cores come to support improved power consumption, as well as the processing unit. A graphics card with four cores, and the chip is based on a 5 nm manufacturing precision.

The A14 chip includes 11.8 billion transistors, and provides 15% better performance than the A13 chip, and Apple has announced a partnership with Riot Games to bring the League of Legends game to the iPhone, which launches for phones with a special version known as “League of Legends: Wild” Rift. ”

The iPhone 12 also includes a main camera with an f / 1.6 lens slot, and 7 layers of lenses, with a wide-angle camera that was presented in the iPhone 11, and Apple also confirms that the main camera comes with 27% performance improvements in low-light, and supports The camera details more accurate video recording in low light, also Apple introduces improvements in the night photography style.

The iPhone 12 supports wireless charging, and the MagSafe charger supports the installation of the iPhone phone charger smoothly and accurately for charging, and the main model of the phone is available at a price of $ 799.


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