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Why this year the IPHONE 12 series comes with a higher pricing level?

Apple has set on October 13th to unveil the IPHONE 12 series, and many reports have come that provide expectations about the pricing level of this year’s releases, and in a new report today revealed the reasons that push Apple to raise the price of this year’s iPhone versions.

The latest report reviewed a set of the main reasons that push Apple to raise the level of pricing for the upcoming IPHONE 12 phones, on top of which is support for new releases, connectivity to 5G networks.

The report also emphasized that one of the reasons that will lead to the high level of pricing of Apple versions of the iPhone 12 is due to Apple’s shift to using OLED screens as an alternative to LCD screens in all new versions as well.

The report also confirms that Apple will present the main model of the iPhone 12 series at a higher price of $ 50 at a minimum compared to the iPhone 11 phones that came at a starting price of 699 dollars for the main version, and a price of 999 dollars for the main model of the iPhone 11 Pro, while the highest version was launched at a price 1099 dollars.

Some previous reports indicated that the iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch screen will be launched at a starting price of $ 699, as this version supports connection to 5G networks, features the new Bionic A14 chip, and comes with a dual camera with a small bump in the screen, which is a specification that may It raises pricing above $ 699, so some forecasts are that the major issue of the series will start at $ 749.

On the other hand, Apple had presented the iPhone 11 at a price starting at $ 699 in the US market, but the phone was launched to the European market at a price of 800 euros, so with a pricing level starting at $ 749 for this year’s versions of iPhone 12 phones, the phone price may reach In the European market to 900 euros.

Reports also indicate that the iPhone 12 Max feature a 6.1-inch screen will start from the price of 799 dollars for the main model, while it applies to the European market or in the Spanish market at a price of approximately 949 euros.


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