Pictures taken by the iQOO 5 camera lens

The latest photo leaks revealed the upcoming iQOO 5 phone packaging box announced on August 17, and iQOO also published samples of photos taken by the iQOO 5 camera.

There are frequent leaks about the iQOO 5 phone, which is officially launched within days, and today the latest leaks pictured offer a look at the packaging box for this release, and the leaks also review the efficiency of photography with the phone’s camera.

iQOO 5 camera

The previously published leaks confirmed that the iQOO 5 will soon be launched at a 120Hz update rate, and the phone also supports 120W fast charging technology.

iQOO 5 camera leak

IQOO has also published on its official page on Weibo a set of photos taken with the iQOO 5 camera lens, which confirms the efficiency and performance of the phone in photography with the highest quality.

iQOO 5 camera leak 3

The EXIF ​​data revealed that all the images come with a resolution of 12.5 mega pixels, the models also demonstrated the efficiency of photography in the BMW M Motorsport race cars, and the image models also confirm the prowess of the phone camera in shooting in the dark or in low light.

iQOO 5 camera leak 2

Recall that the leaks that have come so far confirmed that the iQOO 5 phone includes triple settings in the rear camera, also supports optical zoom up to 5 times, and digital zoom up to 60 times, and it is expected that one of the sensors will come with wide viewing angles, while the other camera comes with super lenses. Breadth combo.

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