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All you need to know about the Chinese game Black Myth: Wukong

Until very recently, Black Myth: Wukong wasn’t a game that many people talk about (or even know about), but it has attracted the attention of many people over the past weeks, the developer Game Science has released a teaser to reveal the game, and everyone seems to be surprised at its cool looks. Very, if you are interested in learning more about this topic, here we have compiled all the information you need to know about the game, its developer, launch plans and more, so let’s get started.

Who is the developer of this game?

We’ll be mentioning Game Science several times until the end of this article, but who exactly are they? The question, of course, is on the minds of many because they are somewhat obsessed with the announcement of this game, which I expect will move this studio to a high level at the time of its launch, however the Chinese studio was founded in 2014 by many former Tencent developers, and was developing Games have been around for a while, but Black Myth: Wukong is their first AAA title currently, the developer is working with a very small team of about 40 developers, but they are looking to expand as they continue to work on their ambitious new project.

The story of the game

Black Myth: Wukong is based on the famous Chinese classic “Journey to the West”, it is definitely not the first story to take inspiration from Dragon Ball, while the 2010 Ninja Theory game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was based on this classic as well. But the world of Black Myth: Wukong and the settings seem particularly interesting, there seems to be a great emphasis on the legendary and fantastic elements of the story, which are clearly abundant in all the magical battles and creatures we saw in the game segment.

The game seems to focus specifically on fidelity to the original traditions. In “The Journey to the West,” Wukong pulls the hair from his head into what he needs and often clones himself. We see this cloning skill in the trailer that seems to be implemented in a very distinct way.

The decisive moment in the novel comes when Wukong makes his fateful decision after being annoyed by the Jade Emperor because of his annoyance with him, Wukong begins to cause problems with his enemies with the kind of mischief that only a monkey gifted with great power can create, and in response the Four Heavenly Kings decided to lead an entire army. Of Celestial Warriors to deal with Well … it’s a story we can really look forward to.

Who is the hero of that story?

For those who do not know the story of “Journey to the West,” the Buddhist monk “Sun Wukong” travels to the western regions of Asia, and this is what we will see in Black Myth: Wukong also known as the Monkey King, Wukong is blessed with countless imaginative powers according to What the myths say, from magic spells and the ability to transform into different creatures to even weather manipulation, some of them have been seen in the Black Myth trailer so hopefully we’ll find all of those abilities on their way into the game.

Combat system and capabilities

The only aspect of Black Myth: Wukong that stands out to most people more than anything else perhaps except for the amazing visual level is combat, developer Game Science describes the game as an RPG and an adventure RPG inspired by games like Dark Souls and God of War… for sure all of that. Obvious, but the fighting here seems to be somewhat faster and I saw that the hero is equipped with an iron crew and he can change his size apparently while magical abilities also enter the fight, and it seems that changing the shape and size during flight to counter various threats will also be important, and it seems Dodging and blocking enemy attacks is essential.

Black Myth: Wukong seems to focus a lot on the variety of abilities that players can access in combat, the iron hero Wukong can change its size as mentioned, while players can also charm element attacks and at the same time, the abilities serve defensive purposes as well, for example in the clip In its gameplay, we can see Wukong ferociously kill his enemies to repel attacks from the enemy as he proceeds on his journey, according to famous Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed, who translated a few developer interviews on Twitter, “There will be 72 different abilities. in the game”.

It starts with a camera that tracks a bee across a mountain forest, which gives us a short tour of the terrain of that imaginary environment, the air tour ends suddenly with the bee turning into Wukong and jumping straight into a simple fight for this powerful monkey, after a minute of endless violence with the Boss can He described it as the ultimate evil.

The fighting system appears to be the star of the show from what we saw in Black Myth: Wukong, but exploration also seems to be an important part of the gameplay, and interestingly enough, it seems that the unique abilities of the hero will have an effect here too. We mentioned earlier that Wukong can transform into animals. And different creatures, and in revealing the gameplay, we see the player traveling through environments like a fly near the end of the game’s promotion, we can also see Wukong flying around the world and all these things indicate that there will be different ways to explore and travel in the game.

Enemies and bosses

It also looks like there will be a very impressive variety of enemies in the game, during the game’s 13-minute trailer we can see Wukong fighting everything from tigers to foxes to monkeys, and sometimes even entire armies all alone, given that The fact that this clip was just a small part of the game, we can probably assume (or hope, at least), that there will be a lot of variety of enemies in the game.

Of course, what impressed me more than the variety of enemies featured in the gameplay demo was the diversity of bosses or bosses, boss fights seem to be as stressful as they are amazing, making these bosses strong will be an important part of the entire experience in Black Myth: Wukong And we’re really excited about the glimpses we got about these big things in the trailer for this game, from a giant spider to a gigantic wolf, it looks like the bosses in Black Myth: Wukong are looking to strike the perfect balance between size, great visual level, and diversity in their abilities.

The game release date

Black Myth: Wukong is in the middle of development, and apparently it looks impressive based on what developer Game Science has shown about it so far but when do we expect to play it? Well, there is no specific release date for the game yet and the developers said they don’t want to take too long to finish development, but they’ve also made it clear that they won’t release the game until after it’s finished naturally for the game basically.

The game is supposed to be launched on PC and home devices, and the home devices on which the game will be released have not been determined, but since this title may not be released for at least two years, the PS5 and Xbox Series X seem to be very expected platforms. It also remains to be seen if the game will see a simultaneous global release or what, despite the interest players have generated since its unveiling, we hope that this title is something that Game Science will work on achieving to bring out the fanfare of the players.

The developers said they may release the game’s DLC after its release, while also stating on their FAQ page that they are already thinking about future expansions to Black Myth.

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