Leaks review the specifications of the Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro before the official announcement

The latest leaks published on Twitter today revealed the specifications of the upcoming Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro phones before the official announcement expected in the month of September.

Huawei offers the next versions of the Mate 40 series phones with the Huawei Kirin 9000 processor chip that has a manufacturing accuracy of 5 nm.

huawei mate 40 pro

Huawei offers a phone Mate 40 Pro, or now known as “Noah”, with a curved waterfall design in the screen, provided that the screen is from BOE or LG, and supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and the phone also includes sensors with a precision of 50 and 80 mega pixels, and also includes camera settings Periscope sensor to support optical zoom, as well as 3D ToF camera, with the phone coming with quad settings.

The leaks also confirm that the Mate 40 Pro is characterized by “liquid lenses”, an expression used by Huawei to patent the camera technology that combines the auto focus feature and optical stabilization in one camera, where Huawei’s technology can support resistance to external influences more efficiently.

The Mate 40 comes with the “Ocean” symbol as it features a curved design on both sides of the screen, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and a 6.67-inch screen designed by LG.
The camera also comes in the Mate 40 phone with a sensor of 50 and 20 mega-pixel camera, and also 8 mega-pixel camera, provided that the sensor comes last with periscope lenses to support optical zoom.

On the other hand, Huawei offers front cameras in both phones in the screen with a 3D system for facial recognition technology, and the leaks indicate that Huawei offers new versions with a capacity of 4300, 4600, and 5000 mAh battery so it is expected that a third version will be available in the Mate 40 series, where from The third version is expected to come titled Mate 40 Pro Plus.


The expected price of the Mate 40 Pro

The leaks confirm that the Mate 40 Pro is launched in the Chinese market with a main model at a price of $ 863 that features a storage capacity of 128 GB, and a model with a storage capacity of 256 GB at a price of $ 935, while the top model comes with a storage capacity of 512 GB at a price of $ 1064 in the Chinese market .

It is reported that a report published recently on the @evleaks page indicated that the Mate 40 will not be available in the global market due to Huawei’s limited stock of processor chips that may not be sufficient to produce a large number of Mate 40 phones, also the Mate 40 Pro will be launched with the EMUI 11 interface. Based on the Android 11 operating system, the Mate 40 is expected to come with EMUI 10.x.

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