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Gaming is a favorite pastime of millions of people from all over the world and these days, there are almost infinite number of varied games in different genres to choose from, while some games are full of critical praise and have millions of fans and are played by them amazingly, There are other games that are huge junk games that no one seems to like, and they won a lot of praise for almost nothing.
However, there is another category of video games that fall within the camp being underrated gems, these are the ones who have been rated as having relatively low sales when they are released, or simply not getting as much praise as they should be, here we will see 10 games that did not You receive a lot of acclaim or praise.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most interesting franchises ever, as it is one of the few big-budget games to be released without a single player mode, and instead focuses almost exclusively on online multiplayer. This is, of course, to the annoyance of a lot of people with the game, its developers and of course its publisher EA However, Star Wars Battlefront has managed to sell more than 14 million copies and is a financial success.

Although receiving mixed reviews this is crazy for us because the game performs very well and looks like one of the best games graphically even in 2015, but it was wronged for sure, there is no doubt that this game deserves a place on this list because it does not get the amount The love she almost has to get is arguably better than the 2017 installment.


The survival and horror genre has seen a bit of emergence over the past few years, thanks to the developers who have already launched some games of great quality, Outlast is one of those quality games that I’m talking about, it’s a psychological thriller or horror game in which you play a journalist investigating A remote psychiatric hospital in the middle of nowhere.

Outlast’s vibe is quite intimidating but it doesn’t get as many high review scores as it deserves, and despite its size in helping push the wheel of survival horror games forward, Outlast doesn’t get the attention it deserves from most of the public, although that’s thankfully It began to change as its reputation grew among players with its second installment.

Spider-Man 2

Among all the great open world games that have appeared over the years, few can draw a smile on the face of a player like Spider-Man 2, the game was released in 2004, and Spider-Man 2 was very advanced and ahead of its era by years in terms of gameplay, Especially the striking net swing mechanisms.

Spider-Man 2 allowed players to swing freely like Spider-Man and you can spend hours jumping from rooftops and flying around without getting bored, the map is huge and there is a lot to do and see and despite some reviews that were giving it high scores, but most of the scores The ratings were average and the game’s most prominent flaws were the camera angles, but I think it deserves to get much better ratings from both fans and critics alike for how unspeakably fun the game is.

Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion was a launch game for Nintendo Gamecube and one of the first games in the Mario series to feature Luigi as a single star and main character. The game tells about Luigi as he embarks on an adventure in a haunted mansion to search and find Mario, and it costs him confronting a large number of ghosts and capturing them and locking them in a device. Especially, the game did well with critical reviews and sales also garnered some of that success, but most players still underestimate its value.

Luigi’s Mansion barely got a rating of 8/10 (or 80/100) from the most famous critics, despite having great graphics, gameplay and design, all of which were very impressive at the time and luckily we finally got another part which is Luigi’s Mansion. : Dark Moon, which was released for the Nintendo 3DS.

Bioshock 2

Bioshock games are legendary and the original game is generally considered one of the best games ever. All parts of the series were decent and show the name well. However, it seems that Bioshock 2 is always the “black duck in the family”. Many opinions agree that the beginning The game is slow, and I think it is because of the first part, where Bioshock 2 sold three million copies, but that did not live up to the level that its publisher wanted it to do as Bioshock 2 got strong reviews, but there is no part that really rises to the first part.

If this game weren’t called Bioshock, it would probably sell better because it is not just a worthwhile sequel to the first part but rather better in some ways, as Minerva’s Den chapter of DLC is possibly the greatest thing the Bioshock world has ever owned. The fact that Bioshock 2 was the sequel to one of the best games ever means that it is often overlooked and underestimated.

Shinji Mikami brought out one of the best survival horror games ever, Resident Evil 4, and fans were eager to see The Evil Within 2 to see if he was able to surpass his masterpiece, the game was unable to match the standards of its predecessor, and it often felt like it was returning Walk on the same floor.

However, the sequel to the strangest and heaviest weight is The Evil Within 2, as it did not want to repeat its previous glory. Backfiring as sales were very low, it is unclear if developer Tango Gameworks will give the game a third chance soon or if it is a thing of the past.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Call of Duty game that players seem to have forgotten, with bigger titles like Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare shining the spotlight, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the first in the Cod series led by developer Sledgehammer Games, the game offering some of the best dealings. With weapons in the series so far, Advanced Warfare is a great game where you likely won’t get a sequel, but it’s Call of Duty done just right.

Rage 2

The first Rage game was a very strange game for Id Software, in large part due to the fact that it provided a great combination of its strange style and post-apocalyptic events and building environments, the game offers fierce battles and a gameplay that is somewhat rare. But for the sequel that no one really requested, the studio partnered with Avalanche Studios and was able to offer a completely different kind of game.

The world of Rage 2 still keeps the battle of the first part, but more lively and its side missions more entertaining, and most importantly, the style of play from the perspective of the first person looks amazing, its story may remain uninteresting, but it was worth more than that.

Sunset Overdrive

We can’t forget the awesome Sunset Overdrive game released near the start of the current generation, the game that was originally exclusive to Xbox One mixes wacky third-person action with mechanics similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, and the entire game has a good sense of humor that includes Many references to the video games themselves, the game did not even get the required popularity but it is a gem that is not really appreciated.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

When Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was first released, it was rightly criticized for the paid plugins that they had no need for in a game that explicitly relied on the Single Player mode, but once Monolith Productions removed those things and simplified their progression system, We enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, including the excellent Nemesis system, and its mix of action and melee similar to Batman and Assassin’s Creed stealth, the game gives you many ways to deal with the situation, even if you just want to send your followers, it’s like a dim light in a dark room And bleak, the game doesn’t have satisfying reviews that actually pull it out of this lonely room.

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