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All you need to know about NVIDIA MAX-Q Technology

There is no doubt that desktop computers are the most powerful devices for performance with games. You can, through a desktop computer whose cost does not exceed $ 500, get the same performance that can be achieved from a laptop that costs $ 1000. But this does not mean that desktop computers are always the best, on the contrary, as laptops have many advantages that are not available in office devices. Where laptops can be considered as smart phones (not exactly like smartphones), but at least you can move with them from one place to another with your freedom without losing contact with your friends, follow your personal accounts, monitor the progress of things up-to-date and understand everything that is going on in the world around you wherever you are. However you like. Unfortunately, not everything that glitters, as they say, is gold. These features never apply to high-performance gaming laptops, right?

Where is the problem exactly?

Laptops gaming laptops were and still have some bad holes that cause some to hate them and not be attracted to them, as they come in huge size, very heavy weight, very high sound, and their temperature is so high that you will not bear if you leave them on your feet while playing some games or accomplishing some Work that requires effort on the part of a central or graphic processor. By what right can we call a laptop weighing more than 8 kilograms as a gaming laptop, so how can you go out with your friends or go to university with a laptop that weighs more than the weight of a watermelon? Almost impossible. Actually, this is nothing more than a laptop desktop.

But misfortunes do not come individually, I think that the real problem is not in its weight, but rather in its price value, which at the time of its launch reached approximately $ 9000 – we are talking about the Acer Predator 21 laptop, I am surprised and doubt the happiness of any user who owns it or thinks about buying it. But the Predator 21 X was not the only one to come up with this ugliness, as all the leading companies specializing in the manufacture of laptops were also able to develop grill ovens quite similar to that marvel.

Did you notice that these supercomputers did not achieve the desired success and were not very popular with the audience of gamers ?, The reason is very simple, these laptops are completely contrary to the main purpose of their existence, which is the ability to move with them and their ease of carrying, so anyone can build a gaming platform For half the price, it exceeds every measure of performance, comfort, entertainment and luxury that could have been obtained with these laptops.

Seeking a positive solution

So someone should have taken a positive step towards this dilemma and put an end to it, and this person was NVIDIA CEO Jin-Sun Hwang when he announced during the COMPUTEX 2017 event the revolutionary Max-Q technology. During the exhibition in 2017, the company did not present anything new except for this technology and talk about its features and how it managed to change the concept of gaming laptops in an unbelievable way. Up to this point, AMD has not provided us with a similar technology, but this is due to its greater interest in central processors until it reaches the required level and can withstand its competitor. Certainly there are still many gaming computers that come in huge sizes to this day, but at least NVIDIA has managed to provide what we can call a stylish laptop for games.

We know that you are fully aware of the role of Max-Q technology and what it has achieved during the past two years, but unfortunately there are still some misconceptions among some users, and the reason for this is the way some websites explain and interpret Max-Q technology in how it works. But before we go into the corridors of this revolutionary technology, let us first explain the whole thing to those who do not know about it and start from the starting point and explain why NVIDIA resorted to it, and then move to explain how it works.

Why NVIDIA uses MAX-Q technology

Several years ago, NVIDIA was able to provide the ability to use the same graphics processors for office devices in laptops as well, but the graphics cards on laptops always came with the letter m as a final suffix for the serial number of the card model number, for example we will find that the GTX 570 processor is present exactly With the same manufacturing characteristics in laptop computers, but with the letter m at the end to come under the designation GTX 570m. This letter is definitely an abbreviation of the word mobile, which means that the graphic processor is for portable computers.

But the meaning of this character extends beyond that, as these graphics processors come with a low energy consumption compared to graphic processors directed to office devices, and since they are lower in consumption rates, then they will definitely be different in the level of performance compared to their desktop siblings. But while some users saw this as being among the disadvantages of gaming laptops, NVIDIA considered this as a great advantage due to preserving battery life from the usual excessive consumption of discrete graphics cards, and thus gaming laptops have come at exorbitant prices.

But once Nvidia developed the Maxwell 28nm architecture, it narrowed the huge performance gap that exists between desktop processors compared to its laptop-oriented counterpart. But the sure thing is that the same problem still persists, as laptops come in a huge size, heavy weight, and thick thickness due to the cooling system and the size of the ventilation fans that work with an annoying sound similar to the sound of jet engines while taking off. And to make matters more complicated, these computers still exhale from their lungs with an infernal flame that cannot be tolerated while they are used and placed on top of their feet.

It was necessary to put an end to this problem, as the gaming laptop should be thin and light in weight and appear elegant and attractive. That’s why NVIDIA created the Max-Q technology, and its official announcement was first made during the Computex 2017 event. It was surprising when we saw the size and thickness of the laptop that Jin-Soon carries in his hand and everyone marveled at how lightweight it was despite it being a laptop. For games. Everyone realized that the sole purpose of Max-Q technology is to enable laptops to run modern games on 4K resolution and work under better energy efficiency and lower temperature compared to the same laptops that do not contain Max-Q technology.

And to correct the concepts for some users who think that Max-Q technology is about reducing the size and space of the GPU itself to reduce the rate of energy consumption and the temperature decrease … Be sure that this concept is a fiction, and therefore we ask you to consider it a wrong and completely incorrect concept. In fact, if we devote our discussion to the size of a processor such as the TU106 and the nickname RTX 2060 in each of the desktop cards and in all laptops, whether it supports the Max-Q technology or without it, it is 445mm² Die Size without any difference at all, from where some users came By reducing the size of the GPU chip, this is what we have not yet found a correct source.

Max-Q technology and how it breaks down barriers of energy efficiency and speed of performance

Max-Q is a group of engineering innovations that require several basic aspects that all meet in a standard work environment, which includes a combination of modern technologies in thermal and electrical designs + advanced heat pipes and heat dissipators (Heatsinks and Thermal Pipes) + High Efficiency Regulator PWM +, of course, more quality and quieter cooling fans. This way, you get Max-Q technology, a far cry from changing the size of the GPU itself. The TU106 processor, nicknamed RTX 2060, is a single graphic processor.

Even the RTX 2070 card processor, whether it comes with Max-Q technology or without it, is the same graphics processor and exactly the same silicon chip used in the TU106 processor, but it has a larger transistor number than the RTX 2060 processor. While only the RTX 2070 Super processor is the one that differs. … it comes with the codename TU104 and its chip size is 545mm². It is for this reason that gaming computers with Max-Q technology require the direct intervention of NVIDIA engineers during their development.

If Max-Q was just a smaller graphics processor, all laptop manufacturers would buy it and integrate it into their gaming laptops, right? But in fact the technology is a combination of modern designs that include the processor chip, its programmatic driver definition, the control system, and the thermal and electrical components that must be worked on very carefully so that the laptop turns into one among the supporters of Max-Q technology, and this is the correct concept of Max- Q.

Thanks to the presence of Max-Q technology, we got lightweight laptops with extremely thin thickness, very quiet sound and operating under a low temperature and a lower energy consumption rate, and this is the result of the new cooling method and precisely controlling the work system of a power circuit or the electrical circuit responsible for passing the current To the graphics processor to throttle its frequency speed while not sacrificing a large percentage in the level of performance. According to some reviews, a laptop that contains an RTX 2070 Max-Q graphic processor can provide the same performance that can be achieved through a laptop containing an RTX 2060 graphics processor that does not support Max-Q technology.

What brings the second generation of Max-Q technology with it

But to talk rest, as the company announced the next generation of Max-Q technology, which works to enhance the efficiency of laptops better. Meaning that there are some tangible additions and modifications to the heat dissipation system that combines both the CPU and GPU in an advanced work environment through Dynamic Boost technology, this technology increases the power consumption rate of 15W in order to increase the performance by 10 percent and achieve a frame rate Higher inside games, this thing happens with one condition, which is during the absence of the need to use all the resources and cores of the central processor … especially central processors that contain a large number of cores and threads.

Add to this Advanced Optimus Technology to change the processing systems inside computers, which means while the GPU is not needed in some light work, depending on the nature of the work of the central processor itself, the CPU .. At that time, the rates of energy consumed by the graphics processor gradually decrease until the stage of dependence begins The iGPU is integrated into the central processor core. Therefore, this technology will have a positive and noticeable effect on increasing battery life. So far, we only know about the existence of this technology with the Lenovo Legion 7i and Lenovo Legion 5i computers.

Max-Q technology is not a graphics processor that is different in its engineering structure from its counterpart that does not support this technology, in fact if you want to convert a laptop to another that supports Max-Q technology, you just have to give it to NVIDIA engineers themselves so that they can add the cooling method and system Their control. Unfortunately, we still see that there is a percentage of sacrifice in the level of performance with this technology, but when you look at the size of the final laptop, then you say that lighting a small candle is better than cursing the darkness, and for the first time we can actually call it gaming laptops.

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