MediaTek unveils two new Chromebook processors

Regardless of the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor that targets smartphones, MediaTek today also officially unveiled two other new processors targeting Chromebooks, and the processors involved here are MediaTek MT8195 and MediaTek MT8192.

MediaTek 8195 is the most advanced processor of the two, it is made using TSMC’s 6 nanometer manufacturing technology, and it includes four Cortex-A78 cores the latest from ARM, in addition to four Cortex-A55 cores.

This processor also includes a five-core Mali-G57 graphics processor, and a 4 TOPS acceleration unit that can be used to recognize sounds and images. Moreover, the MediaTek MT8195 processor is also designed to support Dolby Vision and 7.1 Surround Sound technology, as well as the AV1.

As for the MediaTek MT8192 processor, it is made using the older 7nm technology and uses four Cortex-A76 cores that were launched two years ago. The APU is also slower in the new MediaTek MT8192 processor, with its speed limited to 2.4 TOPS. However, this processor still maintains the five-core Mali-G57 graphics processor that can run screens at resolutions of up to 1440p with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz or screens with FullHD resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It should be noted that both processors feature support for PCIe Gen 3 and UBS 3.2 Gen 1.

The first Chromebooks that use new processors will be launched in the second quarter of 2021, and thus this means that there are many new Chromebooks coming on the way.


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