Microsoft is working to publish Game Pass

Microsoft aims to deploy the Game Pass cloud gaming service more using the diversity of smart devices, as it works with companies that produce smart TVs to make the opportunity to play through it possible, according to Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division at the company.

This step will allow smart TV owners and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers the opportunity to play and enjoy the most prominent games available on the Microsoft cloud service easily and without the need for a dedicated gaming device, which means that you can enjoy the experience of playing on the screen without the need for Xbox as usual.

Subscribers will be able to experience gaming and enjoy the best games through the regular “Xbox Hand” console, but without the presence of the gaming device, as the consoles will be supported directly via smart TVs.

To further this mission, Microsoft is developing a gaming dongle that attaches to monitors or TVs to allow gamers to experience cloud gaming with a proper internet. This means that the company wants to provide a gaming experience for all users on all devices, if they have powerful smart TVs or even game screens and regular TVs through the game piece.

It is noteworthy that Game Pass Ultimate will be fully available to players over the coming weeks via the web through Edge, Chrome and Safari browsers, as Microsoft seeks to raise the number of current subscribers estimated at 18 million. And that is after the company launched a test version of it for users in April, in conjunction with its launch for iOS users to try it via the browser and not as a separate application.

Microsoft will launch Game Pass Ultimate in more countries by the end of the year, as part of its plan to provide it to all users around the world at the earliest opportunity to enable them to play on Xbox, computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, regular screens and game screens.


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