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Should the Mount & Blade Bannerlord be bought after the massive update rollup?

For me, the year 2020 had a very special title that is close to my heart, which is the title of Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, firstly because I am a fan of the first part of Warband and secondly because this part took many years of development with many postponements where the part was released after 8 Years of development.
Unfortunately, when the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord game was released, it was released in the Early Access version, because the developer Taleworld Entertainment was unable to finish the game permanently even after a full 8 years of development.

Mount & Blade Bannerlord

When I tried the game for the first time, I enjoyed it very much, but this impression was due to my original love for the series and how long I waited for this title, so when I reviewed the game I mentioned that it is a fun game but it lacks many additions and needs more fixes and it is excellent only for those who know the game And he originally loves it, but if you don’t know the game at all, you should wait a little while until the game is updated and fix its deficiencies.

Now, a full 5 months have passed since the game was released for the first time and it is still in the Early Access stage yet, but during this period the game has received a very large number of updates of different sizes, whether minor updates or huge updates.

After these updates, the game differed greatly, but has it become in the position that we were waiting for before or is it still a very special game for a certain class of players?

Fee level

Fee level

Let us all agree that the level of graphics was not one of the game’s strengths in any of its parts or even in the different MODS that were released to the game.

The same thing extended to the Bannerlord part, where the game came with a medium graphic level in most of the game and weak at other times, such as the in-game character drawing, which was somewhat weak.

During the recent period, many updates were released that tried to improve the graphic level to some extent, and in fact, these updates have really benefited the game.

The level of graphics is much better at the present time, especially the features of the characters and the soldiers, the features of the characters and the soldiers have become more sharp, the facial expressions have become more realistic, so if you try the game immediately after its release and leave it after that and try it now, you will feel a great difference.

Kingdoms artificial intelligence

Kingdoms artificial intelligence


One of the most prominent problems that the game was suffering from was the very weak artificial intelligence in some kingdoms, and this matter had resulted in the defeat of some kingdoms very quickly after a short period of the game’s life had passed, and this matter was disastrous, especially since the game depends on the extension of its life for a long time So you get the full sandbox experience.

Now this problem has been modified almost completely and completely, as the capabilities of some soldiers in some kingdoms have been modified and some weapons have been added that made the battles proportional and when playing now you will find that all kingdoms will hold almost throughout the game unless you intervene yourself and this is what is required of the game originally.

Activate kingdoms capabilities

Activate kingdoms capabilities

Mount And Blade game contains a group of kingdoms, and before the start of the sandbox phase, you choose the kingdom from which you want to descend.

Each kingdom of kingdoms gives you some features that help you in your journey within the game and when the game was released for the first time this feature was completely disabled, but with the latest updates this problem has been solved and now you will get the features of the kingdom to which it belongs.

New tools

New tools

A wide range of new tools have been added within the game, whether they are armor, clothes or weapons, in fact this part was not very important to me personally, especially since the game contained a large set of tools, but in any case it is clear that the developer is working on the tools and increasing them .

Better escorts

In the game there is a group of companions and you can wander around the world and join them to your team, it is assumed that the companion possesses many advantages. First, he is an immovable character, he is only injured in battles and secondly, he is able to complete some tasks in your favor, such as leading a combat group separate from your army or doing Trade in your favor.

It is assumed that each of these characters possesses specific skills that they can do, for example a character who has the skill of medicine and another character who can work as an engineer.

With the first release of the game, these skills did not have a very big role, and most of the characters had almost the same skills, but now every character has the distinct skills that they get according to the environment from which they come from. For example, if the character comes from a kingdom famous for horse riding, it will be able to mount the horse in a way. good.

Activate Combat Formations

Activate Combat Formations
During battles, you can give your soldiers a set of orders, such as standing in a certain area or attack and defense, along with these orders there are conformation orders and these commands were not effective to some extent as the soldiers left them after engaging in combat.

Now, this command has been greatly improved. For example, if you give some soldiers an order to form a shield, that order will be adhered to even when engaging in combat.

Simple clan interface

Simple clan interface

One of the most prominent additions to the bannerlord was the clan system, and in this system you can control your group or your clan in general, or even view all the kingdom’s data to which it belongs.

Now this list has been updated and made it very simple and smooth, and you can get all the information you want easily without resorting to the numerous menus like before.

Reducing download screens

Loading screens were literally a nightmare for Bannerlord and all Mount & Blade games in general, and whenever you make any movement within the game, you are exposed to a loading screen that may extend its duration if your hardware is weak.

Fortunately this problem has been solved in a very large way, and now when you move in the sandbox map, follow one of the enemies and actually reach them, you will not be exposed to the famous download screen and you will be automatically taken to the famous dialogue screen.

New Hideout system

The Hideout is the camps for thieves and bandits and you can attack these camps in the evening to get rid of them and thus get rid of their control over one of the areas on the Sandbox map.

Unfortunately, this system was completely destroyed because when you went to the Hideoout it was choosing 9 soldiers to go with you completely randomly, which was exposing you to loss in many cases.

After the updates, you can now choose the soldiers accompanying you in the attack, for example, you can choose the best 9 soldiers to guarantee victory, even if you forget to choose the soldiers, the game will choose the top 9 soldiers in terms of level within your group.

Sandbox map layers

Sandbox map layers

The new layers for the Sandbox map are considered one of the best updates the game has gotten, now the map has three layers and each layer shows some information.

The first layer shows the kingdoms on the map, the second layer shows all the kingdoms and castles on the map, while the third layer shows all the elements on the map, even villages.

Activate the family feature

Activate the family feature
Now you can create your own family inside the game and become your children and brothers, and upon the death of your character the judgment will pass to the first person after the main character in the family tree.

This idea was one of the most prominent features of the game that was revealed, but it was not activated when the game was first released.


What has been mentioned above is a set of updates that the game got, but not all of them, of course, there are still many other improvements that have occurred to the game.

All of these improvements do not mean that the game has become complete, on the contrary, the game still needs more improvements, but these improvements reflect one thing, which is that the game is actually developing over time and is greatly improved and real.

Now, we simply answer the important question, is the game different?

Of course, the game differed very much from the first version that was released, and if you left the game early, I strongly advise you to take a look at it again, as well as if you have not bought the game yet and are waiting for it to settle down, I think that the time has come for this step, so the gaming experience has become very stable at the time. Present.

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