How does Transcend’s MTE220S volume achieve the price-performance equation?

Whenever someone searches for a new storage medium, they often simply look at one element, which is the volume or storage component. Perhaps the reason here is the culture that spread amongst users that I buy a storage unit to store files, right? Oh man, even its name does not indicate otherwise! … In fact, I partly agree with you here, of course the primary function of any volume of course is storage, but there are many other factors that really determine the extent of your satisfaction with that storage unit, these factors are what make Of the storage unit at the present time is not only a tool for storing data, but a very effective component in the speed and response of your device in many cases. Today we will talk about one of the best companies in this field, which is Transcend, and specifically with the MTE220S storage unit !!


Well, first and foremost we must note that SSD volumes come in two forms in terms of shape or form factor as we say, which are the shape parameter M.2 which are those storage units that come in the form of a rectangle in terms of shape and are either With its own dispersion, or comes in the form of a bare-printed PCB without protection, this shape parameter in and of itself contains two types of SSD fixed storage units. There are storage units that come with the NVMe Pcie standard, and as the name suggests, this standard is for installation on the PCIe interface, and this type of disk provides incredible read and write speeds.

The other type is SATA storage units or SATA M.2 storage units, which are the storage units that come in the same form factor but with a limited-speed SATA interface connection, which often stops at 550 megabytes per second. The second type of storage units comes with SATA interface only, but with a 2.5-inch form factor, which are square-shaped storage units that are less thick compared to traditional HDD storage disks, and of course they do not come with rotating disks because they depend on NAND Flash memory.


What makes you prefer one storage unit over another

In fact, when it is originally talking about any solid state volume, the first thing that comes to the user’s mind is the price factor. Solid-state storage prices that come with the NVMe standard are higher compared to their traditional SATA hard-disk peers and certainly compared to antique HDD.

But there are other factors that the evaluation depends on next to the price factor, for example performance has a strong impact on the value of the product, especially if it is paired with a suitable price for the storage unit. Therefore, as we will see in the next few lines, Transcend MTE220S Solid State Storage will provide you with all that and more !! .

Programmatic support
The third factor is the features and technical support of the volume itself, even if we assume that we have a good volume in terms of price and performance as well, but it is below average in terms of technical and program support and does not provide other features against competitors, so what makes me prefer it over others Other storage units?!

technical support
Apart from the software features that companies provide to their storage units in terms of the attached programs, there are also the technical advantages that these panels provide. These technical characteristics refer to the type of memory itself and the technology that the manufacturer uses in the storage unit.

Cooling is also an important factor in this intense competition, and when talking about cooling, here we are talking about the heat of the memory components itself during the operation process, and also the presence of a dispersion to cool the unit or not, so of course the storage units that provide cooling from the company are better than those that come without Cooling and dependent on motherboard cooling. But the fact is up to this point is not that important lately, the vast majority of new motherboards supporting the installation of NVMe standardized storage boards and M.2 ports come with built-in dispersants to cool the storage units.

Therefore, the cooling factor is already available in motherboards in the first place, which makes us put it at the end of the list that we talked about, so if everything is available and cooling is not available, then there is nothing wrong.

Transcend MTE220S Solid State Storage Unit

However, as I indicated at the beginning we are here to see what Transcend has to offer with its Transcend MTE220S solid state storage unit. The disk comes in different storage capacities as usual, which are 265, 512, 1TB and 2TB.

The MTE220S storage unit uses a PCI Expres Gen3 x4 NVMe 1.3 interface, 3D NAND flash memory and DRAM cache, and the unit contains a high-speed microcontroller, Silicon Motion 2262 EN, where it is assumed that the disk will provide ultra-fast transfer speeds of 3500MB / s and read 2800MB / s, which you can verify by reviewing the volume from this link.

Using the PCI Expres Gen3 x4 interface means using four paths to transmit and receive data simultaneously and the volume is designed using LDPC encryption which is a low-density parity audit to maintain data security as this encryption provides the highest standards of protection against data loss or damage. It also provides S.M.A.R.T. For checking errors …

With the use of high-speed controllers and the introduction of the M.2 port with the PCIe interface, which reached high transfer speeds, companies faced the problem of high temperatures of these discs due to the high temperature of these controllers significantly, that high temperature prompted companies to devise solutions to cool these discs, This storage unit does not come with a diffuser included but thanks to the use of a Silicon Motion 2262 EN controller the temperatures in this unit were amazing compared to the 110s disc from the same manufacturer.

Transcend’s various storage apps

Transcend Elite, RecoveRx, and SSD Scope are a comprehensive suite of storage management software developed by Transcend for its users. These applications provide an easy-to-use interface, along with advanced data and storage management features designed exclusively for Transcend’s extended storage solution as the MTE220S at our disposal.

Transcend Elite

Exclusively developed for JetFlash, StoreJet and Portable SSD products, Transcend Elite is a powerful data management program compatible with macOS, Windows OS and Android, to help users manage data easily and efficiently. Available as a desktop and mobile app, Transcend Elite allows users to easily perform instant or scheduled backups (after a period of time), provide data recovery capabilities, as well as provide data security with 256-bit AES encryption, protection by password. PC lockout pass-through, file synchronization, and cloud backups via Google Drive or Dropbox services. The Transcend Elite app is available as a free download from the official Transcend website and the Google Play Store.

The user can perform all these functions without the need for a user or operation manual. As is clear from the set of images that review the program’s features, it is all done very easily. All you have to do is choose the function you want to perform from the menu on the left of the main application window, and then select what you want from the menus that appear in the middle of the screen.

The literal performance versus price equation


From the foregoing, we can easily reach one fact, which is that this storage unit offers strong performance at the level of writing and reading speeds, an extended guarantee for five years and very acceptable temperatures, not only that, the pricing of this disk is very appropriate, only $ 90 is the price of this unit in its version that It comes in size of 512 GB and is within $ 150 for the 1 TB version and $ 220 for the larger 2TB version. Thus, it represents a real competition for the position of the best disc that achieves the price-performance equation at the present time, and here we can proudly say that Transcend has set foot on the right path.

All these technical features, along with the distinctive software support, make the MTE220S storage unit from Transcend a very special product, which will surely achieve that equation that baffled many, and which has become for everyone the best standard for the quality of technical products in the world of hardware, at least for the middle class and below. If not for everyone. Price-Performance-Equalization! .

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