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The world’s best mouse MX Master 3

As you know, all laptops come with a TouchPad, that’s a small space under the keyboard to control the mouse. Although I prefer to use laptops over desktop computers, for many reasons, I never like to rely on a TouchPad. I thought at the beginning of my career with these mobile devices that I would get used to using them after a while, but I couldn’t, and I reached the point where I could not move the mouse within this space, perhaps because it is limited and small, and therefore I have difficulty when I want to reach a remote place on the screen Quickly, however, the drag-and-drop process is nearly impossible to execute the first time. So the touchpad might be great for a lot of users, but I’m definitely not one of them!

MX Master 3

Fortunately, the touchpad can be dispensed with and an external mouse plugged in to replace it, which I did for a better “unlimited” experience and moving the mouse pointer with complete freedom. In the beginning, I relied on a (normal) wireless mouse that did the purpose until recently, strange problems began to appear, such as the cursor jumping around the screen randomly, and the scroll wheel’s loss of accuracy, which was affecting the delay of any task I did. So I started to get the idea of ​​buying the best mouse in the world, and after some research it turns out that Logitech’s MX Master 3 has held that title since its launch late last year. Indeed, I bought it and it really turned out to be one of the best tech gadgets I have ever bought.

MX Master 3 is currently the latest offering from the Swiss company “Logitech” in the MX Master series, which has been known for featuring the best mouse money can buy! Where reviewers praise that this series contains the appropriate mouse to meet the requirements of professional users or whose work is related to advanced tasks, but it is definitely expensive, as the official price of the MX Master 3 is $ 100, while to get it in Egypt, which is available in limited stores, it cost me about 2,800 pounds. At first glance it seemed to me that the price was overrated, but after experimenting, I can tell it’s worth every penny!

Here are some of the points and things I liked about the MX Master 3:

1- Very comfortable and distinctive design

MX Master 3-1

Certainly, the first thing that caught my eye in the MX Master 3 mouse even before it was taken out of the box, is the distinctive design and shape that it has, it is supported by a simple curve that makes my hands in a comfortable and natural position when using, and the body is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to fingerprints. Also, it has a thumb rest that allows 4 buttons to be controlled with just the thumb button with ease.

Speaking of buttons, the mouse contains 8 with the ability to customize 6 of them (we’ll talk about that in more detail later). Thanks to this elaborate design, all buttons can be accessed very easily using the thumb, in addition to the index and middle finger; That is, all buttons and scroll wheels are close enough to these fingers. As is evident, the mouse is designed for right-handed use only, which is a pity for left-handed people as Logitech does not provide another version dedicated to them.

So I liked the design in general as if the mouse was designed for me! I can use it for long hours without feeling tired, discomfort or uncomfortable. But the disgrace on the design is that there is no place to keep the USB Dongle that comes with it to connect it to the computer wirelessly, it is true that the mouse supports the ability to connect via Bluetooth, but it was better to provide a dedicated place due to the small size of the USB Dongle and thus it is prone to being lost while moving the mouse.

2- Scrolling wheel and MagSpeed ​​technology

MX Master 3 mouse has a scroll wheel that gives a strange feeling when used, according to what I observed, and this is due to its mechanism of work that depends on an innovative technology from Logitech called “MagSpeed” and differs from the mechanism of the scroll wheel in any other mouse. But in principle, the mouse wheel here is made of stainless steel and has a distinctive texture and is very quiet that I can hear it even in a noisy environment, as is the horizontal scroll wheel on the left side.

As is the case with previous generations of the MX Master series, the scroll wheel here is able to switch between two different modes: Ratchet Mode and Free Spin, the first allows you to scroll line by line as it is found in regular mice but with great precision, and the second works to launch Unrestricted wheel and scrolling, so you can cross 1,000 lines in one second by quickly pulling the wheel forward or backward.

Now let’s talk about “MagSpeed” technology because it is a legendary breakthrough and is the most important feature of the MX Master 3 mouse as the scroll wheel here is electromagnetic! Meaning the wheel has two small magnets inside, which are energized or deactivated by sending small pulses or electrical waves, and depending on the condition, the scroll wheel rotates differently.

In a simple explanation, when the wheel is in Ratchet Mode, the two electromagnets are in parallel polarity, so the magnetic force passes through the small gear teeth (installed in front and behind the magnets) to interact with the wheel gear itself, and since the small gears are close to the wheel gear, this means higher accuracy In every pass, each end of the pinion must parallel one end of the primary gear. On the other hand, when the scroll wheel is in Free Spin mode, the two electromagnets are in opposite polarity, which makes the magnetic force interact with the small gears only without compromising the primary wheel gear, allowing it to move as fast as possible without restrictions.

So what’s the benefit of this technology at all? There are several benefits in fact, first, as we have indicated, it provides greater accuracy when scrolling in progressive mode, and secondly, it makes the scroll wheel quieter even when scrolling in an accelerated manner. Because there is nothing in mechanical contact with the wheel, unlike what is found in other mice, there will be less wear of the sprockets inside over time, which would have caused misalignment and loss of accuracy. Also, this technology allows to switch between the two scroll modes very quickly because, again, there are no mechanical parts inside that need to move when switching between the two modes.

3- software (software features)

One of the most important features of “Logitech” is its distinct Logitech Options program, which is installed automatically as soon as any mouse or keyboard from the company is connected to the computer, whether it is running on Windows or Mac. Frankly, this program and the features it contains are completely sufficient to push you to buy any Logitech product, as it is easy to use, free of charge, and its purpose is to make the most of the capabilities of the product that you got.

In my case, as soon as the MX Master 3 was connected to the device and the program’s graphical interface appeared, I was amazed at how simple the program was designed, as is evident in the image above, the program displays in a distinctive way the re-employable buttons: the scroll wheel button, an additional button below the wheel, the gestures button , Back button, progress button, and horizontal scroll wheel. There is a bar at the bottom that displays the technology used to connect the mouse and the battery status.

By default, each button has a predefined function, for example the button below the scroll wheel switches the wheel mode from progressive to free or vice versa; That is, one click on it sends a small electrical pulse that parallel or reflects the two small magnets inside. While the gestures button allows controlling the Windows desktop and open windows by dragging the mouse, for example when you click on it and drag the mouse down, all windows in the taskbar are minimized, when you swipe up the Start menu appears. What I like most of these buttons is the “horizontal scroll wheel” that eliminates the need to drag the scroll cursor that appears at the bottom of the windows. For example, when I enlarge an image, I scroll this wheel to see parts of the image that do not appear completely on the screen.

All of these buttons can change their functions and reprogram them as needed, which is very simple and does not require any technical skills, it is enough to click on the circle that appears above the button to get a long list full of functions that can be assigned, and these functions are carefully selected and incredibly useful, for example There is a Keystroke assignment by which you can make a button perform a specific keyboard shortcut. There is also a Launch application function to launch any program you choose, a Screenshot tool function and other combinations of functions.

But what is really impressive is the attempt to re-employ the gestures button, as a completely new menu appears containing ready-made functions to take advantage of this distinctive button, if you choose Media controls, you can control the media playing by just dragging the mouse, or the App navigation to quickly switch Among the open programs. All it takes is to click the button with your thumb and then drag the mouse in the direction that performs the required operation. You can also choose Custom to specify what to do when dragging the mouse in each direction.

The talk about Logitech Options is not over, of course, there are advantages that we cannot miss, such as the ability to program the buttons for each application separately. Yes, this is possible! It is as if you are using a mouse specifically for each program.

While I completed the steps to install Logitech Options after connecting the MX Master 3, a window appeared that offered me to install a ready-made package of programming buttons for the programs I already used, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Office programs, and Photoshop, so that each button behaves differently in each of these programs .

For example, the horizontal scroll wheel in Chrome or Microsoft Edge quickly switches between open tabs, while in Microsoft Office it zooms in / out pages, but in Photoshop it enlarges / reduces the size of the brush. The scroll wheel button opens links in a popup in browsers, while using it to move items within Word pages … and so on. The great thing is that it is possible to automatically add applications and any other programs that the program does not recognize. To be honest, I didn’t imagine that a simple feature like this would help significantly save time.

Going to the Point & Scroll section of the program I found a number of fine tuning options to make the mouse work the way I want them to, and they can be changed very easily. For example, with a pointer speed, the pointer speed can be controlled with high precision – an accuracy that Windows’s pointer speed controller does not provide, and the sensitivity of the horizontal scroll wheel can also be controlled.

I also noticed that the SmartShift feature can be disabled, which allows changing the scroll wheel position according to the speed of pulling, meaning that when the wheel is slowly pulled the “gradual” mode is activated, but when it is quickly pulled, the free mode is activated, and as soon as the wheel stops, it returns to the gradual position again. Generally, when this feature is disabled and also no button is employed to change the wheel position, you will not be able to switch between the two scrolling modes except through the program.

In addition to the above, you can change these settings in specific programs only, so that you can, for example, make the mouse pointer fast in Photoshop, while it is slow in Google Chrome or Microsoft Excel, as each program has special settings as is the case with programming buttons.

Logitech Flow is the most important feature of Logitech Options – in addition to the above, this feature allows you to use the mouse on more than one computer at the same time and share files between them easily. This is important to me given that there are two machines on the desk, and instead of using a different mouse for each device, I can count on the MX Master 3 only.

To use this feature, all that is required is to install the Logitech Options program on both devices, then connect the mouse to each device separately, and to do this I connected the USB Dongle to the first device, then pressed the switch between devices (located under the mouse) button to allow the mouse to be connected via Bluetooth On the second machine. After that, you must verify that both devices are connected to the same router, whether via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. When finished, Logitech Options opens, then in the Flow section, we press the Enable Flow button to establish a connection between the two devices.

Now, you can use the mouse to control the two devices together at the same time, so all you have to do is drag the cursor towards the edge of the screen of the first device, so that it appears immediately and smoothly on the screen of the second device. You can also press and hold the Ctrl key to quickly switch the cursor on both devices.

The most interesting feature here is Copy and paste. Make sure that this option is selected on “Enabled” in the Logitech Options program, and then when selecting a group of images or documents and copying them from the first device, then dragging the mouse pointer to the second device and clicking right and choosing Paste or clicking on Ctrl + V will convert your copied files in a jiffy! The mouse here creates a “bridge” between the two connected devices, where you can easily transfer information.

4- Battery life and USB-C support

Regardless of all the features reviewed along the previous lines, one important thing that an MX Master 3 user enjoys is battery life. According to Logitech, the MX Master 3 has a battery that lasts for up to 70 days on a single charge, and although I did not use the mouse long enough to verify this claim, I certainly noticed that the battery life was long, as I used the mouse heavily over the course of two weeks or more. And the battery indicator (shown in Logitech Options) was still full.

The best thing is that the mouse is supported by a USB-C port that supports fast charging, which allows charging the battery with enough power to use the mouse up to 3 hours in one minute. Note that there is an LED bulb next to the horizontal scroll wheel that shows the status of the battery, so that it lights up red when the power is depleted. It is noted that the charging port is strategically located at the front of the mouse, so it can be simply connected to the charger or a computer and used as a wired mouse while charging.

5- Connect the mouse to three devices at the same time

MX Master 3-

We previously mentioned the Logitech Flow feature that allows the mouse to be used on two devices simultaneously, but MX Master 3 and other new Logitech products have the ability to connect to three devices. So if you want to use the mouse on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you can achieve that easily. For me, this is very useful, when I do not want to use the mouse on both devices at the same time through the Flow feature, I will still be able to use the mouse on each device separately from the other.

All that is required is to connect the mouse to the first device via the USB Dongle or via Bluetooth, then click on the transfer button at the bottom to move to the second device, where you also connect it via Bluetooth, and by repeating the same process on the third device, the mouse becomes connected to three devices at the same time. Now when you have finished working on the first device, press the Convert button to move to the second or third device and start working directly.

6- Use the mouse on any surface (even glass)

Also, one of the advantages of the MX Master 3 mouse is the ability to work perfectly on almost any surface, whether on wood or glass, so there should be no imbalance in the accuracy of movement as is the case with regular mice. This is very important given that I purchased the mouse for use with my laptop, and therefore I should not care to accompany Mousepad when I go to a coffee shop or any other place where I use the device away from home. The credit goes to Logitech’s innovative “Darkfield” sensor, which adopts advanced technology to create an accurate map over almost any surface and track mouse movement even on glass.

Speaking of the sensor, in MX Master 3 the sensor’s sensitivity level is 4,000 points per inch (DPI), which is very suitable with uses related to office work and design, for example, selecting cells in an Excel table, or selecting lines in a word page, so all Movement that is accurate and directed to the right place. But for games, this level is very low, we find gaming mice with a sensitivity of more than 10,000 points per inch. The MX Master 3 weighs 141g and is also “heavy” for gaming. But this is normal given that the mouse is not targeted at all in the gamer category, as Logitech already has a separate division for gamers.

In general, during the time I used the mouse, I can confirm that the MX Master 3 deserves the title of the best mouse in the world, and it is an investment that we do not regret in the event that you are looking for comfort and time saving while working on design programs or business programs and for content creators in general. It has enough features that help you accomplish many tasks with ease. But if you do not need these features, then it is better for you to get a cheaper mouse, and also do not consider purchasing this mouse to play games; If not because of the sensitivity of the sensor, it would be because of its weight.

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