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New details about the Galaxy S21 5G series

The lights are heading for the Korean giant now in anticipation for more details about the Galaxy S21 5G series, and again the leaks provide new details about the colors provided by Samsung for the Galaxy S21 phones next year.

During the last period, three-dimensional images were spotted showing the expected design of the Galaxy S21 phones, and a live video leak of the camera units of the Galaxy S21, which confirms the design of the camera that appeared in the three-dimensional images, however, the leaks that came so far do not fully confirm that This design is the final design for the Galaxy S21 series.

The reports published so far have indicated that the Korean giant is planning to launch the Galaxy S21 phones in January from the beginning of next year, but some reports still confirm that Samsung will not change its schedule to launch new versions of the Galaxy S series, so it will not be done. Disclosure of new releases before February of next year.

The leaks today focus on the colors of the Galaxy S21 series in particular, as the leaks confirm that Samsung will support the Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 Ultra phones in the main colors such as black, silver, and the new versions will feature shades of pink and purple.

On the other hand, Samsung supports the smallest version in the series in white, and this version also offers other options in colors including gray, pink and purple.

The leaks also indicate that the Samsung middle version of the Galaxy S21 Plus 5G will be available in shades of black and silver colors, also Samsung offers the purple color for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, where the purple color is one of the unconventional colors in the Galaxy S series, except that Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip Mirror purple.

Ross Young confirms that the previous colors will be presented in the first versions of the Galaxy S21 series, so it is expected that Samsung will provide other options in colors after the launch of the Galaxy S21 phones officially to the market.


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