New lawsuit against Apple claims damages to iPhone 6 owners

A group of lawyers in the European continent has filed a new lawsuit against Apple, demanding that it pay compensation to consumers who are iPhone 6 holders of all its models in the period from 2014 until 2020.

The call came from Euroconsumers, a comprehensive consumer rights advocacy organization that includes under its umbrella the Italian consumer association Altroconsumo.

According to the lawsuit, Apple will be required to pay 60 million euros in compensation – approximately 73 million US dollars. This is after the company deliberately slowed down the old versions of the iPhone to force consumers to upgrade their phones to the latest versions, according to the case.

The organization said that the rate of compensation per person will be around 60 euros, equivalent to the amount they paid to replace the battery of his phone to solve the problem of slowness, and Els Bruggeman, Director of Policy and Implementation at Euro Consumers, said, “Consumers expect when they buy the iPhone to get sustainable quality products, but this is Unfortunately it didn’t happen with the iPhone 6 6 series.

“It is not just consumers who are defrauded; They were forced to face frustration and material harm. Which is totally irresponsible from an environmental point of view. ”

In the same context, the organization had filed a pair of lawsuits last December, against its members Test-Achats in Belgium and OCU in Spain; It also indicated in my press statement that it is about to file four more cases in Portugal.

As for Apple, it was justified as always by emphasizing its keenness to produce products with high efficiency and not to exploit users in any way, as the official spokesperson of the company said in an email addressed to The Verge in this regard, “We have not and will never take any deliberate action to reduce the life of any Apple devices or Reducing user experience to push consumers to upgrade

“Our goal has always been to create products that our consumers love; Making the iPhone last as long as possible is an important part of that.


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