New patent from Oppo

Oppo has registered a new patent in the design of smartphones, where the patent files show a new design for a phone that features a removable camera from the smartphone.

Oppo is keen to develop the design of smartphones with unique and unconventional features for users, as it introduced the Oppo N1 phone, which came during 2013 with a rotatable camera design, while the Oppo N3 later came with a sophisticated design with a camera hub.

Today, Oppo begins again to take faster steps towards developing the design of smartphones, as the patent that was registered by the company during the last period revealed a design for a phone that features a fully removable camera from the phone, where the lenses, sensors, and LED flash are separated from the phone.

The removable camera unit also comes with a battery capacity independent of the phone, allowing the camera unit to be used for photography and video recording by controlling the unit remotely.

The user can also install the camera unit at any location and then control it remotely by applying the camera to start shooting or recording video, which is a good feature to support the user in obtaining stable images with better efficiency and without any vibrations.

On the other hand, the removable camera unit includes a USB connector that supports connection to the USB port on the smartphone to support taking selfies, recording videos or making video calls, so the phone will not include a front camera.

By mentioning that the patent is still in the initial stage at the moment, as Oppo has not officially confirmed the transfer of the patent to the implementation stage on the ground, but it is an innovative vision of the Chinese giant in the design of smartphones.


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