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Google announced a new style for editing photos in the Google Photos application

The giant company Google announced at the event that kicked off today for a new style of photo editing launched in the Google Photos application, which is based on machine learning technology to modify images.

Today, the search giant started pushing a new style of image editing in the Google Photos application, which comes with the feature of automatic suggestions to modify images on the Android platform.

The Google Photos application is now based on machine learning to offer suggestions to the user to modify photos, and the photo editing tools in the application have been improved to provide more efficient and accurate support in making adjustments to photos by manual control.

Google also brings in the new update to the Google Photos app a new tab known as “Suggestions” that appears in the Edit Pictures menu. This tab offers suggestions for modifying the images currently displayed in the application. This tab will also adjust the brightness, lighting, and contrast automatically, with Display portrait effects that correspond to the photo.

Google will also display the adjustments made to the image, and then allow the user to add more adjustments. Google offers some proposals at the beginning, such as “Enhance” and “Color Pop”, and also emphasizes expansion later in adding more options to improve specific categories of images. Character, landscape or also the sunset, with these new categories to be launched in the coming months, and they are also available on Pixel phones in the beginning.

Google also introduces a new interface for image editing tools, which supports adjusting brightness, contrast, color saturation, color temperature, and other tools, provided that it is available today for Android devices and is later presented to the iOS platform, but Google did not specify a specific date for the launch of these features on the iOS application.


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