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The importance of activating the Night Light feature to get rid of blue screen light

There is a real danger that haunts our bodies, but also our minds, whenever we sit in front of computer screens for work or entertainment, in fact this danger is not limited to computer screens, but includes all kinds of display devices, whether they are television screens, computers or smart phones. Some scientific research has indicated the continuous increase in the suffering of many groups of people, at all stages of their lives, from psychological and nervous problems as a result of being exposed to long hours of work every day in front of computer screens. For its part, health organizations urged, along with doctors and ophthalmologists, the necessity of wearing medical glasses during working hours to protect the eyes from the dangers of radiation light emitted by optical devices and various means of display.

But this inherent danger extends much further, as medical research has confirmed that many categories of company employees have begun to face bad psychological states due to their constant complaints about interrupted sleep and the severe suffering they are exposed to as a result of the difficulty falling asleep during the night hours, and as a result of this It is this category that is exposed to fatigue and rapid exhaustion during the periods of the day, and their inability to continue and communicate at work, and it may sometimes lead them to sleep at their desks. Studies indicate that this category of employees is under dangerous nervous and psychological influence that may cause them to suffer from a nervous breakdown or severe psychological depression.

Studies of psychology, brain and nerves added that most of these psychological problems are the result of human exposure to rays emitted from the screens of optical devices and modern mechanisms during periods of the night, especially computer and smart phone screens, as this is the period of time during which the human mind tries to prepare for the process of self-preparation in order to Stillness and eternity to sleep.

Ophthalmologists have stressed that blue light in particular is one of the most harmful lights to the retina of the human eye, along with its ability to threaten the state of rest of the mind due to the strength of its chemical compounds and its ability to inhibit “melatonin”, which is the hormone that causes and promotes sleep in the brain, and the frequent exposure to it leads to a contradiction And disturbance of the state of sleep in the mind. The problem has turned into a purely medical and health problem to the point that some countries, led by Germany, take some precautionary measures and impose laws on major business companies that their employees must wear eyeglasses during their work hours and sit in front of computer screens.

When you hear these dangers inherent in blue light, you may feel upset and sad, especially as it is one of the most beloved colors for humans and has a magical character and a special aesthetic luster that makes it at the top of the pyramid of all colors. In the context of this matter, countries began to take some preventive measures against the dangers of blue lighting, and worked to remove it from lighting poles and car headlights, and to avoid using it in traffic lights … etc.

But the big problem will remain, as no one on this planet can prevent you from enjoying the brilliance and brilliance of blue light, and this has caused a great burden on the shoulders of the manufacturers of television screens, computers and various display means. How can they produce the necessary display devices for business and entertainment purposes while at the same time their products are very popular and gain the satisfaction of users and health organizations?

Therefore, all optical device and smartphone manufacturers have invented the Low Blue Light Filter technology, which increases the levels of temperature and warmth of other colors such as yellow, green and red at the expense of the color of blue light. Thus, the user can enjoy a more serene and quiet life and enjoy sitting in front of his screen for a longer period of time without being exposed to stress and the dangers of harmful lighting.

Never underestimate the dangers of blue light and what it may cause, as many medical researches have confirmed that the chemical components of blue light emitted from displays cause fatigue and stress to the human eye and may lead to severe dehydration, itching and burning eyes, not to mention its ability to increase Sleep disturbances and anxiety during periods of the night. Therefore, you should never hesitate to activate the Low Blue Light filter technology in your screen or make sure that it is present in your next screens at all costs. If your screen does not have this technology, there is no problem, as Windows 10 is interested in providing the Night Light filter technology, and we will explain in the following how to activate it simply.

First Step: Type “Settings” in the search bar.
Step two: Choose the System tab, then choose Display settings.
Third Step: Activate Night Light On, then click Night Light Settings.
Fourth step: Adjust the power level of the blue light filter to your liking.

It should also be noted that there are some third-party tools that provide better screen brightness adjustment than Windows system lighting, an example of these tools is CareUEyes. Remember that this process will protect your eyes from many dangers and help you sit for long periods of time in front of your screen without facing any problems. In the end, we have a set of medical advice of great interest and importance that will definitely help you avoid the dangers of display screens and protect your eyes from stress and fatigue, and we will leave them to you in the following lines:

  • Ensure that the computer screen is placed below eye level.
  • Make sure the night mode is on and the blue light filter is set.
  • Make sure to reduce brightness during night periods.
  • Not staying in front of the screen for long periods of time in dark rooms.
  • Wear eyeglasses while sitting in front of a computer screen.
  • Move at least an arm’s length from the screen (20 cm to 30 cm).
  • Adopt the principle of 20 20 20 whereby every 20 seconds approximately you close your eyelids once, and every 20 minutes you turn to look at the farthest thing from you for 20 seconds and then close your eyes completely for 20 seconds, this process is able to stimulate the tear glands inside the eye and treat dehydration.
  • Use artificial tear drops three to four times daily if you’ve been sitting for long periods and have constant itching and burning in the eyes.
  • Stay away from wind and dry air while traveling or running home fans

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