NVIDIA launches a dedicated processor for mining cryptocurrencies

Nvidia announced a dedicated cryptocurrency mining processor named Cryptocurrency Mining Processor after users directed the RTX 30 series.

The move comes as the company sends an update to its RTX 30 graphics processors that slows down the mining process, especially for Ethereum.

The company says that the update detects the mining processes and then halves the processing speed according to specific algorithms to prevent the process.

Nvidia believes that the target of the RTX 30 graphics processors is the audience of gamers and heavy business owners such as developers, programmers and content creators.

While most people interested in digital currencies turn to the new Nvidia graphics processors because of their power and ability to achieve faster results than others, as a large proportion of them went to a GeForce RTX 3060 processor or graphics card, which is the most affordable and attractive new generation version for users to help them in mining digital currencies. Although the company’s goal is to attract players and business owners.

The cryptocurrency mining crowd’s turnout for the latest NVIDIA processors has kept players empty-handed with no opportunity for a new gaming experience.

What made the company decide to launch the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, or CMP, which the company allocated for digital currencies and accompanied it with high features, but without focusing on image processing techniques, which are basically unnecessary in this matter, as it is usually important for those looking for visual effects and clear images such as players And designers.


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