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The NVIDIA RTX 3080 is officially available for purchase now

Today is the day promised for the RTX 3080 card to be officially available in the market, this card that is highly anticipated by the fans of players offers us very distinctive levels of performance, as it can provide up to 40% better performance than the RTX 2080 card on 4K resolution. Outperforms RTX 2080 Ti by approximately 27%.

Not only that, you can get that performance for only $ 700 for the Founders Edition! An excellent price when we compare this price to the price of the RTX 2080 Ti, which on the day of its launch reached $ 1,000! The RTX 3080 adopts the GA102-300 core of Ampere architecture with precision 8nm manufacturing with 8704 KODA cores, 272 TMUs and 96 ROP units.

RTX 3080-

The card relies on a frequency of 1440MHz as a standard frequency for the core and with Boost up to a frequency of 1710MHz, it also relies on GDDR6X memory with a frequency of 1188MHz size of 10GB and computing power FP32 up to 29.77TFLOPS with a memory interface of 320bit and a memory bandwidth of up to 760GB / s with power consumption of up to 320 watts.

Who is RTX 3080 for?

Wide Title This card is geared to offer you an ideal 4K experience at a frame rate of over 60 frames at the highest graphic settings. It is also able to provide an ideal experience on 2K resolution, with a frame rate of more than 100 frames, in addition to that if you are thinking of running it on 1080p resolution, you are able to achieve an unprecedented experience with a very high frame rate commensurate with the upcoming modern screens at a 360Hz refresh rate.

If you want an opinion, I advise you to buy this card if you want to experience 4K resolution perfectly, and I definitely do not mind if you are thinking about 2K, but with 1080p resolution, you have a less expensive option, which is RTX 3070 at $ 500 coming in October, but at the same time not There is a problem that prevents you from choosing the RTX 3080 card and playing games at 1080p resolution if you want to reach the best results with your various games at that resolution.

What opinion about this card? My personal opinion is that it is a very excellent card in which NVIDIA succeeded in breaking its previous success that happened with the RTX 2080 Ti card at an attractive price commensurate with the level of performance it offers us … 4K resolution with excellent frameworks could have been achieved with the RTX 2080 Ti, but today it is possible to achieve higher frame rates to achieve an experience Better over RTX 3080.

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