Ways to Give Your Old Android Phone New Life (Part 2)

Yesterday we had a date to launch the first part or the first group of methods that would give your old Android phone a new life, in other words, take advantage of your old phone in your daily life, and as we saw in this group, these effective methods that explicitly do not pay attention to users, and as we promised you and to complete In reviewing these methods, in this new article and in the second group, we show you 8 other new ways, how through it about or another to use the old Android phone and benefit from it greatly, and the methods came as follows:

  1. E-reader:

One of the new things about the Android system and across applications, of course, is converting it into an e-reader, so if you want to give your old phone a lightweight function you can simply convert it into a dedicated e-reader, and all you have to do is download the app that you need to read to you, and good Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives, on top of which is the Google Play Books app and the Amazon Kindle app, available completely free of charge from the Play Store, and for this purpose another importance is in saving the battery to get the most out of it.

  1. Media Center:

Another purpose, no less useful and important than the other methods, is to make your old phone connected to the home network and download the movies, music, photos and videos you are interested in, display or play them with applications that support sharing with all devices at home, and here you can use both the Kodi app and MX Player And VLC you can also use other applications such as Netflix and Hulu, and you can even connect the phone to the TV using an MHL or HDMI cable so that you can leave it connected to the smart TV.

  1. Child-friendly learning tool:

Perhaps this method is the most advantageous of old phones, as we know the child cannot afford phones, regardless of whether they are expensive or cheap, and it is a way that makes you protect your new phone from any damages issued by your child, and through your old phone you can turn it into a child-friendly learning tool, To be the primary place to teach your child, just fill it with fun and educational applications and give the phone to your child, rest assured, and whether the phone is running Android 78.0 and later, you can try Google Family Link program to get more powerful control, including the ability to set time limits And get weekly activity reports.

  1. Purpose of the test:

This method is offered specifically for application developers, so it is inconceivable for the application developer to experiment with his application on his personal and new phone, so having an old phone fulfills the purpose at this point, where as we all know the many applications downloading or experimenting with applications negatively affect the phone completely, since The repeated process of removing and reinstalling applications creates unwanted files that are concatenated in the system files and can only be deleted in the case of factory settings. Also, beta applications are usually unstable.

  1. Purpose of fitness tracking:

Thanks to the sensors on any Android device, users were able to benefit from it in many areas, most notably sports and fitness, and with an old phone that can be used as a fitness tracker, whether while running or doing exercise, and this work has risks related to the phone falling, for example, using an old phone At this point it is very important, in turn, the Google Play Store is full of fitness tracking applications.

  1. Listen to the radio stations:

Simply put, instead of buying a radio device, you can use your old phone and turn it into a radio, and here and through applications, such as the free TuneIn Radio, you can listen to any radio station in the world that does not require the presence of the Internet, or if your phone supports the radio by connecting it to a headset, there is no need for the Internet here .

  1. Share Internet “Wi-Fi”:

This is a very wonderful point, and of course with the help of an application you can simply share your internet without the need for root, and the most important of these applications is the Netshare application through which you can share and control your internet and also connect to the devices that connect to the Internet through you with ease, and you can make your device work As a Wi-Fi booster, because this application does not need to turn off the Wi-Fi when it is working, so you can connect to a Wi-Fi network and broadcast it to other devices by creating a group to share the Internet.

  1. Use it as a dash cam:

The dash cam is a surveillance device in the car, which is an important device in knowing the causes of accidents on the road, so if you want to use the phone as a navigation device, you can use it at the same time as a dash cam. Here you can use the wonderful application Autoboy Dash Cam.

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