7 Smart Ways To Give Your Old Android Phone New Life (Part 1)

Perhaps the most advanced and continuous field of development is technology, where we periodically see new and interesting advantages regarding the mobile phone market. We see this development annually through the new versions launched by the smart phone manufacturers, on another topic and on average, the individual By changing his old phone once every two years, an important question arises, which is what does the user do with the old phone when he gets a new one?

Of course, selling it is one of the options presented, but most people go to buy cheaper or mid-range devices instead of buying a used phone at a lower price, and the other unfortunately throws the phone in his office drawer and does not ask about it, but after you read this article, you will not give up your old phone at all, as In this article and in the first group, we review for you 7 ways that you can benefit from your old phone, in other words, give your old phone a new life, and the methods came as follows:

  1. Remote control display:

One of the best ways to use an old phone is to switch to a remote control device for your home or office, as many cell phones have an infrared “blaster” technology that allows them to communicate with TVs, air conditioners, for example, and other devices that use a remote control. And with smartphones that have IR technology, they can communicate with any other devices that receive commands via infrared, fortunately Android has that, while iOS is the opposite, so you can benefit a lot from the free SURE app or the free AnyMote Universal Remote app, which both allow the release of Infrared commands to any electronic device of your own.

  1. Presentation of the computer mouse “mouse”:

Simply, you can turn your old phone into a computer mouse or keyboard unit, all you need is to download an application in this field, for example the completely free PC Remote application or the free Unified Remote application with purchases inside, and with these applications you can get the flexibility to control the computer From any corner of the room, whether via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, moreover some applications allow you to control your computer from anywhere in the world via the Internet, and you can use the old Android phone for the purpose of remote administration.

  1. Purpose of use as an alarm:

One of the great uses of the old phone and the clock is to make it as an alarm, being basically able to sound a loud alarm to wake you up from sleep, and fortunately there is no shortage of alarm applications, but you can take advantage of some applications with unique ideas such as the Timely app and the Alarm Clock app Xtreme FREE and completely free.

  1. Using the old phone as a calendar on the desk:

If you want a simple addition to your living room or office, you can use your old phone that was left in the drawer to a calendar, and of course with calendar applications you can synchronize upcoming events and reminders of meetings and meetings and here you can take advantage of the default Google Calendar application to complete the task, or use Another app is Cal Calendar, which is no less important than Google Calendar.

5. The purpose of monitoring by photo and live video:

You can also consider converting your old phone into a safety camera to keep an eye on your home or anywhere you want, once you install the free IP webcam application on Google Play, you can watch a live broadcast from anywhere and on any device, and of course for this use many benefits, the most important of which is child monitoring, Or immediate notification of the presence of movement in the place and many other benefits and benefits.

  1. GPS purpose in the vehicle:

Take your old Android phone and turn it into a permanent positioning system in your car, all you need is the device in front of you and connect it to the charger via the car battery itself, and of course for this purpose very useful and great applications, the first of which is Google Maps or the other maps and navigation application, Waze, or other favorite applications for the masses of users such as CoPilot GPS, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps are all completely free to download.

  1. Frame for digital photos:

The last purpose in this group, with which you can convert your old Android phone into a digital photo frame, through which it can display photos or display slides, and here there are many applications and tools available for this purpose, you only need to install an application such as Google Photos or Photo Slides available in the form Free and complete on your phone and turning a device into a powerful digital photo frame, and if you want something more suitable for displaying slideshows in the background while you do something else, there is the Free Dayframe app for that perfect.

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