Olympus to make camera phones with Samsung

According to leaked reports today, Samsung plans to launch its upcoming flagship phone cameras in cooperation with Olympus, the famous Japanese company specializing in the development of lenses, optics and cameras.

Samsung aims to make the Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy S22 the first phones that carry cameras in cooperation with Olympus – that is, we may see it in the second half of this year with the foldable phone.

The cameras of the leading Galaxy phones are among the best in the world, even with Samsung’s development of the cameras itself, but the cooperation with the Japanese company may bring much greater capabilities than currently available, especially as it is one of the oldest companies in the development of cameras and lenses. It is considered the most important company in the world in developing endoscopes and periscopes – which Samsung has focused on in its phones recently.

Rival companies such as Huawei have teamed up with Leica to develop its cameras, Nokia with Zeiss, as well as Hasselblad which has teamed up with Motorola and recently with OnePlus on the OnePlus 9 series.

In any case, if the recent reports are true, we may see greater imaging capabilities on Samsung’s flagship phones, especially by talking about zooming and capturing high-quality images.

It is worth noting that Olympus last year sold the photographic camera production division to Japan Industrial Partners, so it is not known what will be the cooperation with this division or with the parent company, which is still developing products related to various optics and lenses.


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